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Floods? What floods? A camp trip to remember

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Mick M, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. I had planned this for weeks, and wasn't about to cancel on account of a light shower.

    The plan was this:
    Day 1: Melbourne to Warrnambool to stay with Rus LerRus Ler
    Day 2: Catching up with a mate in Killarney, then onto Mt Arapiles via Halls Gap and the fun roads.
    Day 3: Home via Horsham, Ararat, Trentham, Woodend and Mt Macedon.

    As it happened:
    On Wed, after waiting (impatiently), for the worst of it to pass over Melbourne's East, I set off.
    I arrived at the start of the GOR to find the road closed to Skenes Creek, due to 20 or so landslips.
    Returned to Anglesea and took Forrest Rd (slightly inland), to Skenes Creek, Apollo Bay and Warrnambool.
    Got achingly close (5 mins) to Rus LerRus Ler place, to be turned around by 3 feet of water across the road.
    First pic is of Bug gazing longingly in that direction.
    Ended up in Killarney, staying with the aforementioned mate.

    The next morning, floodwater was down to 1 inch, so we got to meet after all, for a delicious cup of coffee.

    North I went, to Dunkeld, to have a protracted argument with an automated, unmanned petrol station. It went something like this:
    Pre-payment? Sure... Fuel? Nah!
    'Press this button for support' Yep. Get expected support. Nah!
    Call the 1300 number to talk to a human? Sure. Get voicemail? You guessed it!
    Finally, a local pulled up and told me the particular bowser I was using, often chooses not to.
    Thank you, friendly human. May your town live long and prosper...

    Oh, did I mention the lovely conversation I had with some Jehova's Witnesses?
    Just outside the local Info Centre, while thoughtfully studying a map and checking the VicRoads website for current road closures.
    Perhaps she thought if anyone looked like they needed to find Goat, it was me.

    Onto Halls Gap, only to find Mt Victory Rd partially destroyed and 100% closed. Bugger!
    Up to Stawell, Horsham, Natimuk and my campsite.
    Aah; Sweet, Sweet Mt Arapiles. I used to rock climb there every season during the 90's. Haven't visited since, hence the choice of destination.
    A whole new generation of ridiculously fit, young people inhabit this place now; making me feel so OLD :cry:
    Apart from that, nothing's changed. Chose to free camp, as it's a pay to stay camp ground. Brave? Not really; I'm just not particularly afraid of Ranger's carrying fine books. Perhaps if I was threatened with a lashing with wet twigs? Now, there's a thought...

    My self-inflating mattress picked this opportunity to have a spontaneous gender reassignment, and become self-deflating .
    I woke every 2-3 hours from pain in my hips and had to blow the damn thing up again. Not surprisingly then, I'm really looking forward to my bed tonight. :happy:

    This morning, rode to the summit and took the other pics. There's canola fields everywhere. Beautiful contrast to the lush green.

    Then, onto Horsham, Stawell, Ararat, (missed out on a coffee date with Fr33dmFr33dm), Ballarat, Trentham, Woodend, Romsey (the Romsey Rd is a beauty), Whittlesea, Warrandyte and home.
    All up, 1293km and some good memories. The bike didn't miss a beat, the new luggage worked a treat. I didn't embarrass myself once and that's always a good thing.

    Do I regret pushing ahead, despite the weather?
    No flickin' way, mate!
    Adventure Touring all the way!!!

    Now, better start planning the next one...

    008.JPG 023.JPG
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  2. Great to meet up Mick, things were just a tad damp
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  3. (y) Good one Mick true hardcore spirit.
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  4. Good on you for forging on Mick! After seeing your post last weekend about the trip and then seeing the weather reports from Victoria I wondered if you'd gone or not. Those photos of the canola paddocks and skies are great. Isn't it funny (and a bit dismaying sometimes) when we return somewhere we've spent time as a younger adult and see that time has ticked on. Adventure touring all the way alright; the V-Strom is the bike for it.
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  5. Nice write up. Pretty good effort with all the rain we've had. Well done
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  6. I try to be a bit philosophical about it. I had my time, now it's someone else's turn.

    Love my bike. The ugly duckling. She ticks all the boxes for me.
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  7. Thanks for the enjoyable read Mick, not a bad way to spend a few days, even if it was a bit wet. Great piccies too :)
    No need for that, it's already done for you :playful:
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  8. I'd love to NedNed , but it's peak season in the pool/spa industry.
    Not allowed any leave till end of term 1 :cry:
  9. Sounds great, nice write up :) Bit disappointed there were no photos of those young fit people though... ;)
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  10. Good write-up, Mick!!!!
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  11. Nice work Mick MMick M. Looking forward to catching up in less than two weeks time :)
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  12. Me too. I really hope Vic weather is behaving itself, by then.
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  13. #13 Goldenberri, Sep 17, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2016
    Mick MMick M what an adventure. Made of sterner stuff, you are! Great photo's. :happy:
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  14. EPIC!!!!
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  15. Well Mick M, thanks for the "pep" talk. I'm off on my trip 'just round the corner' starting this Tuesday. I am planning on visiting the 4 corners of NSW, but the weather for this trip doesn't seem to be on my side so I may only get to 3 of them. Right now I'm off to get a new piece of wet weather gear then check the Bureau of Met website again and the NSW traffic site. Seems the roads west of Bourke may be a little wet. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get some sunny days. Thanks again, your words demonstrate that where there is a will, there is a way.
  16. It can be done, with a little flexibility in planning
    Will stay tuned for the summary of your trip.

    I love reading them, just as much as writing one.