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Floods in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Ljiljan, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. 40 to 50 mm rain forecast today. Ride safe.

  2. Yep, thanks Lilley! Copped a bath going to work on the Monash from Newport to Mt Waverley today... good fun, a bit damp when I got to the office though - crotch, neck, gloves and socks soaked... false branding dri-rider!

    Need some better wet weather gear methinks... the Bunnings rain suit over the other gear is probably a good option. If it stops raining at lunch I'll head down :)
  3. Yeah, I stayed dry except my crotch region.
  4. I did four u-turns after I left home - "too wet, cage it" - "nah its getting lighter and traffic will suck if i cage it" x2 LOL. Glad I rode in the end, even if I got wet. Loved it.
  5. God bless RDO's :)

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  6. rode in, damn Aldi plastic pants 'wet crotch' looking out window level 22 east end of town, cloud but no rain?? hope it stays that way..
  7. Rode through some downpours in NE victoria yesterday, and the Aldi plastics held up well. Wasn't as heavy as this morning in Melbourne though.
    It's a lottery with cheap gear. Sometimes you win, ...
  8. Whimped it and took the wife's corolla, had an interesting experience on the westgate bridge where the front wheel drive lost all traction at about 70 kmh and started doing a rolling burnout for a few seconds, luckily wheels were still pointing straight, there was a lot of water on the road but to have that amount on the bridge itself was unnerving
  9. Also whimped it. However, driving through the massive pools of water is always fun in the cage!!
  10. What? Didn't break out the poncho today???
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  11. it was awesome.
    i had a lightening bolt take out a set of lights on the way home. flashing orange free for all.
    but holy crap they are loud when close
  12. All I saw were puddles. So hardcore.
  13. way loud. It's a pure shock.
  14. Was that because of the rain?
  15. :rofl: GOLD.
  16. It's electrifying isn't it?
  17. Funny, though thunder actually starts off as a shockwave, and hence is very very loud within a limited proximity ~ over 194 dB
  18. well that doesn't meet the ADR's. Someone should ban it.
  19. Reading these puns hertz my eyes.
  20. But not for the rider in the lane next to you :(. Getting a lapful of water is, in my opinion, one of the worst things about wet weather city riding. Wish our roads were maintained better :\.