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Flood No 5 for 2009! ( more pic's)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Well guess what, starting @ 4.30 yesterday arvo, our steady rain of two days turned torrential, so those that still hadn't completely cleaned up from the last flood have coped it again!

    Apparently in 6hrs we had the equivalent to Melb's entire annual rain fall ....357mm and 580mm in the past 24hrs!

    Normal run home for me takes 40mins but after I bailed from work at 7pm [ should have been 9 ] it took me 2hrs to get home, while slow and steady and driving on the high center of the lanes did me well.
    I found out that your std crummydore, can traverse water knee deep if taken at a slow and steady pace, and can make it through water even deeper if you sit behind a 4wd that plays Mosses for you and parts the water.

    I was only reading in our local rag yesterday that to get a flood clause in your insurance up here it has gone up 1000% in the past 12 months. The paper quoted last year $380 for the extra clause last year ... new quote = $3350 ! So I guess thats about to go up again now.

    I see it's going to be 30ish in Melb today!? Lucky bastards I hope you all get sunburned and get speeding tickets while out riding !
    :rofl: :butt: :bolt:

    ps: looks like I have to try to get back into town this morning, something about needing food ! So i'll take the camera with me and see if I can get some good pic's to post up. [ thats if I make it in ]

    I didn't know the missus took the 1st two,
    No1 was me out trying to find out why the new drain wasn't working @ 6.30am ! ( the weed mat must of moved when I put the turf down and covered the drain exit )
    No2 At our back door, thats as high as the water has ever got !
    No3 Old Coramba bridge .. that was under water last night with the new bridge going close to going under as well.

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  2. Re: Flood No 5 !

    Hope ya dry out soon and all's well
  3. Re: Flood No 5 !

    It only started this Noah stuff after you guys moved up there, Bob. Yet another sign that you need to move back to civilisation :LOL:.
  4. Re: Flood No 5 for 2009!

    The answer is obvious ....... you are a Rain God, and the clouds just want to follow you around and keep you wet. :p
  5. Re: Flood No 5 for 2009! (pic's)

    I thought you liked it wet?
  6. Re: Flood No 5 for 2009! (pic's)

    I am glad you got it up there, Thats what you get for wishing tickets on us,
    Hope you did not get any damage,
    I went for a ride today, Sunny, +30C and dry roads everywhere, Hahahahahaha
    Can your bike swim.
  7. Re: Flood No 5 for 2009! (pic's)

    Slicks off ... wets on!!

    (I haven't seen rain like that since I lived in Broome! Unbelievable!)
  8. Re: Flood No 5 for 2009! (pic's)

    Better move back down here, Bob.
  9. Re: Flood No 5 for 2009! (pic's)

    you greedy bastards, we have had our entire spring rainfall already and youre up there filling up your pools.

    hope all is well and take some more pics!
  10. Re: Flood No 5 for 2009! (pic's)

    1st one speaks for itself, I work about 100mtrs behind where this pic was taken from.

    2nd, some of you may recognize Waterfall way ? I have no idea why it was closed ? :rofl:

    3rd, there is a pool in there somewhere.

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  11. that 3rd shot looks tops but scary