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Flood Appeal "Moto Rodeo"

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Michael, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. G’day all, Michael Stafford here. Some of you know me and most of you probably don’t :-s
    I just wanted to touch base with everyone for a pretty important reason.
    We (at Motorcycling Australia’s Riders Division) are running a big Flood Appeal event called a "Moto Rodeo" at Broadford on February 19th and we need people to turn up to make it happen. The day is going to be a lot of fun with riding events for those that want to have a go on their bikes, and lots to see for those that want to watch only. We have entered it in the Netrider calendar, as yet it hasn’t come up but I’m sure the powers that be are working on it.
    For the members in other states, we are also running them in South Australia and New South Wales.
    Here’s the link:
    http://www.ma.org.au/ you will find the Moto Rodeo down the bottom of the news section with the Riders Division section.
    All the money raised (and that means ALL) will be given to the Salvos for their work with those affected by this disaster.
    We understand in the light of the Levy being applied by the Government that people may not want to give. I’m not sure if you know that the levy is purely for infrastructure and not for the people. We aren’t asking for big bucks, you can donate gold coin at the gate or register to ride your bike for $50 and get other stuff for free with the ticket. You being there would be great, riding or not If you want to volunteer to help we would really appreciate it. Kids are welcome to register and ride from 7 up
    Hope to meet you there

    Cheers Michael
  2. G'day again , I missed out a contact number for any enquiries or if you are able to give us a hand. the number is (03) 96840501
    Thanks again .

    Cheers michael
  3. hmm why hasn't this garnered any replies yet...

    shame i work saturdays, i'd like to have slow put around broadford
  4. Hi Thera , thanks for your reply.
    I was wondering the same thing , it hasn't gained the response we were expecting.Here are my thoughts.
    I believe it is simply "Charity Fatigue",most people have happily done there bit ( either physically or by donation) and have believed they've done their bit.
    I can see the logic in that.
    Then we have the proposed levy, there are many at the Salvos and other charitable organizations that are justifiably worried as to the knock on effect of the levy.
    If we look at what will be at Broadford people might be enticed to come , we have a stunt team , bbq, moto gymkhana,dirt bike track , and we are trying to get a band together as well.
    People only have to turn up and pay a gold coin to come in and get entertained. If you want to ride on dirt or tar then pay $50 and get a years membership of the riders Division thrown in.
    I know it sounds like a sell , and it is! I just hope Netrdiers population throughout Vic,NSW and SA can drop in.
    Anyway keep safe,

    cheers Michael
  5. Forget about a flood appeal, that's been taken care of with our taxes, change it to a cyclone appeal cause they are going to get smashed
  6. Personally, you lost me at "the Salvos".
  7. Hi Goz ,
    I'm sure that the Salvos would be using any funds to assist the people effected in Q'land and NSW and Vic, and your right the cyclone might just be a part of that as well.I have family and friends in the area.
    The biggest problem with the levy is that it isn't for people its for infrastructure. So a lot of people aren't giving, due to the mistaken belief that they are giving anyway.
    The people are going to miss out on support due to this .Don't have an answer to get that out there , wish I did !

    cheers Michael
  8. Why is that Holster?
  9. I'll definitely do my best to make it with the misses, sounds like fun with a good cause as a bonus.

    Might try and organise a ride group next week to get a few more people down.
  10. i was going down for a track day on the 20th, may have to go on the 19th too.

    so when i pay for a ride, what sort of ride is it? gymkhana would really suit my supermoto....
  11. G'day Jimmy

    At this point, despite all the work we've put in we've had very little support from the riding community so we're delighted that you and your motard are gonna be there. Your motard will be perfect for the gymkhana. Lots of cone work - gas-brake-turn-repeat. There'll be low level stuff on one range and higher level on the other. We will also trial 'proper' Gymkhana like the Japanese style where you must ride inside the parameters of the machine. If you apply the rules properly you get a time penalty for hitting cones or touching lines, dragging footrests as no part of the machine must touch the ground, no part of the body must touch the ground to aid the control, no wheel can leave the ground. It's most like a martial art discipline on a motorcycle. Although it will be 'non-competition' so we can't time anybody you'll get the idea. Hopefully we're going to launch Moto-Gymkhana later this year as proper sport. Anyone interested?

    I can't tell you how much we need people to register to ride as well as spectate or even just come along to see the stunt show. So please Netriders, spread the word and lets do something that counters the bad press we normally get.
    Rob Smith
  12. Top stuff , thanks for the effort !
    look forward to meeting you there,

    cheers Michael
  13. Moto Rodeo Broadford - Call to Arms

    G'day N-Riders
    With less than a week to go to the Moto Rodeo, we've had virtually no interest other than a couple of guys - our thanks to them. Zero registrations for the cheapest motorcycle day out ever. Call myself or Michael 03 9684 0509 or email riders@ma.org.au

    If doing it for the floods doesn't do it for you, make it a day out for the hell of it. We really need your support - Any takers?
  14. Re: Moto Rodeo Broadford - Call to Arms

    Forgot to mention - but we now have a Facebook page. Just look for Australian Riders' Division for info on the Rodeo. Cheers.
  15. A few of us were planning a ride in to South Australia and back for this weekend but looks like we're going to be copping a bit of rain. Hope the weather is good for all our sakes and you get a decent turnout.
  16. This has gone sailing right past me! Pity I won't be available to help with the good cause.

    Rob / Michael, the link in the opening post doesn't take you to a moto rodeo information page ?
  17. Thankls for the heads up I have fixed the link.

    cheers Michael
  18. Moto-Rodeo - anyone entering?

    I was chatting to Rob Smith yesterday about the forthcoming moto-rodeo this weekend.

    I'll be up in East Gippsland unfortunately (actually not unfortuantely since I'll be at the Bruthen Blues Festival) but I was wondering if anyone was actually planning to enter any of the slower type stuff.

    I'm a bit disappointed because the Beemer is a good bike for the slower riding events and I'd probably have entered (I once spent some time with a trials bike). If anyone goes I'll be interested to hear what it's like.