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Floaties needed, now with pic's

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Rain rain and more rain, like 487mm in the last 24hrs.

    Had an interesting 6hrs extra OT last night as about every road in Coffs was 2foot or deeper. The rain eased around 10ish last night for a few hrs, which let the waters drop just enough to let me get home, but there back up again now so it no work for me this arvo :twisted:

    Me gets home just after midnight wanting a nice hot shower.... but no chance of that! It seems the builder of my house didn't install the rear retaining wall properly .............. no drainage and the posts are only half as deep as they should be :evil:
    How do I know this you ask ? :LOL: Thats because the meter high wall has collapsed taking out my most precious house water pump and the associated plumbing as well.

    So last night I isolated the tanks to save what was left. ( the rain has topped back up what was lost :) )
    This morning has been spent digging out the pump, and with a little ingenuity I have managed to reconnect one tank and the pump ( no terminal damage thank f###) to the house. Now for that overdue hot shower and then into my files to find the builders phone No :evil:

    Did I mention its still raining ? :LOL:
  2. Not only do you need floaties, sounds like you need a "big can o whoop ass" (as our american friends might say!) to open up on your builder!

    Thats a lot of rain, btw, but I probably don't need to tell you that!
  3. Saw some footage, seems fairly full on. Oh the joys :p
  4. Still raining :LOL:

    But now I'm getting wet on the inside as well :twisted:
    Austar and Sambuca not much else to do now :LOL:

    I did proposition Nadeen, but got that "yeah as if" look :rofl:
  5. try again if the rains dont go down for a few days :p
  6. Liquidity (yuk yuk) posted Saw some footage, a hoot for us pre-metric people :rofl:.
  7. good time to pick up fishing?
  8. Lol, should I say "saw some meterage"? Or perhaps just video.

    FWIW, I came from england, who never really grew out of it in practice.
  9. AhAHAHA Had to drive through Collaroy yesterday morning. Couldn't help but laugh as I drove through water that was getting close to being knee deep. Oh the joys of our drainage system in Sydney. If they took those knobs off parking fine patrols and put them onto the drain cleaning machines we might have less flooding in this shit hole city.
  10. Got some pic's of the days [ afternoons event ]
    As of last night the tally is 1276 cars of to the wreckers.

    The thing to bear in mind is that the downpour only started @ 2pm and the flooding started around 4.30 !

    The Hosp car park


    Just around the corner from my work


    My Fav watering hole in the center of town taken from the median strip on the princes Hwy { wish I was stuck there instead of at work :) }


    The horse stud just down the road from my house,


    The main St Mall

  11. Freaking crazy pics. Hope you, yours, and everyone in the region are safe.
  12. :shock:
    Damn .. hope You haven't copped much damage Bob.
    That said ... send some bloody rain down yonder will ya !

    Bloody greedy NSWhalers :p
  13. :-O I hope the horses are okay :-(

    Also, I really hope you live on high ground Bob. But by the sounds of it, you don't ...
  14. It never made sense to me that farmers in hilly areas tend to put infrastructure in valleys :/

    I guess its a crap shoot either way, fire up to top, floods down low.
  15. We prefer to build thing low for a couple of reasons. First is rain run off. You want to collect as much water as possible, the bottom of a hill is the best place. Second is wind. During a storm, sheds, houses, stables, etc. won't cop as much wind from a storm when it's at the bottom of a valley. Also, you want trees and shrubs around infrastructure as a wind break, and again, water runs downhill, fauna grows better at the bottom of a hill. Third is, like you said, fire and flood. With a flood, you can move livestock etc. up to the top of a hill if you know it's coming. With a fire, it hits in a matter of minutes, and usually you don't have anough time to move livestock etc. to the bottom of a hill, and even then, they're not safe, because if it's a big fire with strong winds, it'll move downhill anyway.

    Yup yup!
  16. I guess it's a matter of weighing up the cons of each eh? Interesting stuff.
  17. Hey guess what , it's raining again and forecast for the rest of the week :evil:

    With all the land around most definatly at saturation point, they have put in a permanent "flash flood" advisory for the week :shock:

    I don't think that is going to be my main problem though, with so many washouts and landslides around ....[ down to one lane in 27 spots between Coff's and home! ] I reckon that it will be a road cut by a landslide that will stop me getting to work or home this week :? :LOL:

    A sample of the hazards on my way to and from work


    Lots more pic's here
  18. Damn! dude. checking out the photo's. Did the water come into your house through the roof or cracks in doors windows etc? you still living at home or seeking refuge elsewhere?

    Do you rent your house or own it? ie, who has to cleaning up the mess, and who's insurance is going to have to get off its arse? I hope the house is still structurally safe.

    Take care of yourself mate
  19. Damn sounds like you need a boat in which case I can hook you up ;)

    Seriously though I have friends who got caught up in the flooding on their way home from work and were stuck waiting for 8 hours for the water to subside just enough to get through.

    Hope you are yours are all safe and your house is ok.

    Maybe try and get your hands on a bottle of JD Monogram to warm you up ;)