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flipping car drivers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Limey RC51, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. I almost got taken out again by car driver today it realy made me think about what do they think :? it most be somethink like:-

    Do you ever get those moments when you're driving along, staring out of the windscreen, when you think"nah, none of that out there is real!" and then everything falls apart and you can't remember where your indicators are and you want to phone your mum and look at a map and drive your car into somebody's boot so it looks like you're being towed? No?

  2. Losing concentration can can happen to anyone. Just have to be careful each time you go out in the bike. :)
  3. ha haaaa, when I'm driving and have my hard trance techno music playin flat-out, I could drive over an 18 wheeler and not know it, he he. Oops, now an I'm irresponsible car driver as well as a motorcyclist :-(
  4. Yep I've had eye lock with a guy who then drove straight across my path.
    I couldn't believe it. :shock:
    Neither could the people in the car behind me.
    After putting everything I had learned about emergency braking into practise (locked the front but held it up somehow)
    they came up to me at the lights and said they couldn't believe he did that. I just said. "You get used to it after a while."

    AMAZING! Switch ignition on, switch brain off. :(

    I don't take anything for granted anymore.
  5. Yeah I had a lucky one the other day, coming through the city and some fella wanted to come out from a side street straight into the right lane.

    We had eye contact, and he kept looking at me as he nosed forward directly into my path. My emergency braking isn't what it should be; I tend to favour the rear brake, which locked up.

    I swerved to come out around the front of this guy, narrowly missing the tram stop as I came around.

    The best bit? He continued moving forward and forcing me further out as I skidded past him, looking right at me and jamming his hand on the horn as if the whole thing was my fault.

    Moral of story? I kill you.
  6. I agree with the BMW drivers sentiment. Its a stereotype that seems to fit. Thankfully their bikes are a different matter.

    EDIT: And those stunningly ugly utes that cost an obscene amount of money! If you see one, proceed with caution!
  7. I understand that motorcyclists are smaller than cars and are technically more difficult to see. Having just completed my L's, is does state in the Victorian Rider book that making eye contact is not a given that the driver has registered that he has seen a motorcyclist, and you still must be prepared to take evasive action if necessary. Not having a g or saying that I'm an expert (after all only just got my L's) just saying expect the unexpected all the time
  8. Its the apparent disregard for the life of the motorcyclist and subsequent lack of remorse that would drive me to distraction. I honestly say that I have no idea how I'd react if and when it happens to me, but I am sure it will be angry. Just unsure to the extent. I just hope that it never happens.
  9. I'd agree with that. There's a real arrogance about BMW car drivers. Volvo drivers are just thick (generally not deliberately so) but BMW's and the abovementioned ute drivers are deliberately arrogant. (And that's speaking as a BMW rider!)

    Generally though most drivers of European cars are a little more attentive as they have some enthusiasm about being on the road (Golfs and small Peugeots aside - they're generally fashion statements).

    In my younger days the real issues were Morris 1100's and Valiants. (oh yes, any driver with a hat). The Poms still have issues with white vans.

    What else do people generally have specifically problems with? (apart from 4WDs, Taxis, Bicycle Couriers, young women in small cars with mobile phones and those ones with blue & red flashing lights) :D
  10. Ride like your invisible and everyone is out to kill you. Be prepared that the person behind the wheel has no idea that you are there and will turn in front of you. It is up to you to survive.

    Ride like you drive a car with no fear you will be dead or seriously injured with a permanent disability.

    Graphic yes, it's no good being in the right if your DEAD!
  11. I'm particularly paranoid about oncoming cars that are waiting to make a right-hand turn across my path.

    If it's possible, I try to make a move across my lane - eg if I'm riding in the right-hand wheeltrack I'll switch across to the left. Hopefully if they're looking in my direction they'll notice the movement even if their brain's in neutral.

  12. <What else do people generally have specifically problems with? (apart from 4WDs, Taxis, Bicycle Couriers, young women in small cars with mobile phones and those ones with blue & red flashing lights) >

    Saab's!!!! Bloody Saabs!!! Biggest wankers on the road...
  13. If you're about to pass a junction and you can see a car sitting there waiting to pull out on your side of the road, temporarily move closer to the car in front (but to the outside) and use it as a bodyguard.

    The reasoning is that a car will be more likely to 'see' an approaching car than a bike (prob cause they hurt more).
  14. Silver vehicles and council vehicles seem to want me dead.....
  15. White <shudder> Vans.

    (did anyone else look at the title of the topic and imagine a variation on a caber toss?)
  16. No, I thought someone had seen how I drive a car :oops: :D :LOL:
  17. i have a HUUGE problem with rich women in expensive 4wds who apparently have no concern whatsoever for where their vehicle goes. ive seen one woman roll into the back of the car in front after she had been stopped in a left turn lane and a car had moved foward. totally brainless. and yeah. BMW drivers, Volvo driver etc are all equally as brainless, they just sit in less destructive cages. www.nosuv.org is an interesting website although i dont agree totally with what theyre trying to do.
  18. I am not a big fan of SUVs (a term I don't like anyway) but we as a group should be damn careful about people taking vehicles off roads for safety reasons - there are plenty of people who would ban bikes tomorrow - of course the rider is the most at risk - not everyone else............ :? :?
  19. So why use that term here in OZ?
    It's an american expression and if it EVER comes into the australian vernacular I will be keying any "suv's" that have been badged as such.
    Fuggin Yanks have a lot to answer for.