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Flippers new ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flipper, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Well today was the big day that I finally took over ownership of my new bike.
    For those who don't know, it's a blue 2001 SV650S, I have uploaded some pics here
    I haven't taken it for a ride as yet cause we had too much to do today and have a party to go to tonight so will have to wait for tomorrow :(
    But it's all good and yes yes I know......IT'S ABOUT BLOODY TIME I UPGRADED!!!!! :grin:

  2. noice!

    take it easy on that nice new tyre though!
  3. congrats Deb :dance:
  4. As a former Across rider, and now a fellow SV650S I hope you have many fun hours on your new steed!

    Enjoy and stay upright :)

  5. I could see the tears glistening in Minna's eye as she passed over the keys whilst still looking at that rear tyre. On such a gorgeous day and she couldn't scrub it in :( :LOL:
  6. You missed by 2 posts :p
  7. Poor Minna! I'm sure she'll get over it when she gets a new ride.
  8. Congrats Flipper, that's not a step up, it's the whole flite of stairs :grin:
  9. congrats and enjoy the bike!
  10. In height as well :shock: I'm just on tippy toes, but that was wearing sneakers, hopefully I get more of my foot on the ground in bike boots.
    Anyone know of a good place that sculpts seats quickly??
    I know Mizz ZZR had her seat sculpted a few years back but I would prefer SE side of Melb.
  11. Amen to that :)
  12. Congrats flip , (commiserations minna :LOL: ) some-one deserving of an upgrade , well done .
  13. From one girls bike to another, anyone would think you were a gir...............oh :oops:

    Congrats hunny.
  14. Don't forget to update your profile! Still says you have an across :)
  15. :oops: Thanx Undii, will update that now :grin:
  16. ta da!!

    Location: (HQ) Mulgrave
    Motorbike/s: 2001 blue SV650S

  17. Congratulations Deb - they're a damn nice bike :wink: :)
  18. Yep, you'll have lots of fun with that, Deb. Congratulations!

    Just keep reminding yourself - the fuel goes in the front, and the luggage on the back! :LOL:
  19. Recipe ass moulding your seat Flipper.

    1)Detach seat from SV and place on favourite spot on couch.

    2)Hire 10 of youre favourite DVD's.Anything from 6-10 DVD's in length ought to be enough for heat exchange process-suggest titles like grease lighting,Johnny Cash's ring of fire concert tour,The Ring,youre getting the gist here.

    3)Invite Deyago round to cook up a toilet bowl load of his infamous chilli and suicide wings.

    4)insert 1 cork------slowly does it there.

    5)allow 3-5hours to stand, for fermentation and heat exchange processes.

    6)After desired shape is reached :busting: Warn Dave and Maddie and your son to get the hell out "look out kids-she's gonna blow" :bolt:

    7)call proctologist and fumigators
  20. I was just looking at the photos, and that pile of wood.

    Is that of one of them there eco friendly wood burning

    From a bike with a boot, to one you can cook with!!!!!

    Congrats Flipper