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VIC Flipper lost her licence :(

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Well here is what has happened....

    August 2005 I was dropping my daughter off to school, I dropped her out the front of the school as I did each morning at about 8:20am. There is a no standing area there between 8:30am - 9:30am. I didn't get out of the car, she just hops out and off she goes. I get to work by 8:30am.
    A couple of weeks later I get a parking fine in the mail from Monash council saying I was parked in a no standing zone at 8:31am. I ring Monash council and explain there is no way i was parked there at 8:31am cause I was at work at 8:30am. The parking guy was obviously sitting there waiting to start his shift and figured it was close enough and I would be his 1st victim for the day.The lady I spoke to at Monash says that I can email a stat dec to her. Go figure :shock: :roll:
    Anyway, I get a stat dec and post it Monash and i don't hear anything back. A few months later I get a letter from civic compliance with added court fees etc.
    I ring them up and explain the situation and they tell me that Monash obviously haven't dealt with the matter.

    2 weeks ago I had the sheriff at the door asking me if I have the money to pay the fine, I tell him that I am not going to pay the fine and he says we had better go inside and have a chat about it.
    I explained the situation to him and he explains my position.
    He said that I have 7 days to deal with the matter, that I have to fill in another stat dec and get it off to the sheriffs office and to wait to hear back from them. If I don't deal with it within 7 days, my licence will be suspended and my car rego may be cancelled.
    I fill in the stat dec that night and post it off the same night.
    Yesterday I get home to find a letter from Vic Roads telling me that my licence has been suspended in accordance with part 8 of the infringements act 2006.
    I spend about half an hour on the phone to the sheriffs office trying to find what has happened and they cant even find details of the infringement.
    I work out that they have spelt my surname incorrectly and they finally work out who I am and the warrant number etc.
    I tell her the situation and she basically said there is nothing that they can do and to just keep ringing back to see if the matter has been dealt with.
    What i don't get is that they estimate 14 days for a matter to be dealt with but if they don't do their bloody job and deal with it, why is it my fault and why do I suffer the concequences???
    I have had to take today off work with no pay cause I cant get to work :evil: :evil: :evil:

  2. that is the most insane situation I've heard
    I really hope you get this resolved mate!
  3. That really sucks Deb. Let me know If I can do anything for you.
  4. That is completely fcuked up Flipper! :shock:

    Surely if you contest the fine then the council is obliged to follow up your dispute and let you know if they have rejected your appeal. I highly doubt they can legaly press ahead and add costs for not paying until the fine has been reviewed and you are notified of the outcome. At that point if they reject your claim, you should have the option of taking the matter to court.

    I think you need legal advice. This is a bizzare circumstance and will only get more complex as the council tries to pretend they did the right thing. I would start by contesting the licence suspension immediately then getting some good advice.

    Good luck. :)
  5. That...is..fcuked.
    Shit like this makes me furious.
    Hope it gets sorted ASAP, flipper :cry:
  6. Pack of bastards. Typical lack of communication betwwen gummint departments.

    Sending e-rage and bad vibes to Vicroads, the Sheriff and Monash Council via the ether for you...
  7. A current affair love this sort of thing and i would be on the phone to the local paper and local media right now!
  8. Good thinking. Naomi Robson would certainly solve the case...
  9. Tell you'll see 'em in court and that should stop the Sherriff action in it's tracks.

    Arrange for your employer to fill in a stat dec stating you started at 8:30am on the day in question.

    Turn up in court with a Melway showing the distance you have to cover to get from school to work (phone records or other independant paperwork proving you were at work would help.

    Have copies of the original stat dec's showing you tried to sort it but the council stuffed up and ask the "judge" to award costs (incl your loss of wages & other costs trying to sort it) against the council.

    Good luck with this, the closest I've had is the old Northcote Council tried to claim I didn't pay a parking fine and I said check your records & I'll turn up with my copy of the receipt and hand that to the judge. Strangely enough they "found" their copy of the receipt and the problem went away.
  10. Thats f*%#@* up! I can't believe that. I agree with the last posts, get some legal advice and call Naomi Robson, she'll get you your license back and cash for lost pay!
    Bloody ridiculas!!!
  11. Sorry to hear about that..

    Did you managed to speak to the highest ranking person at the Monash Council?
  12. If they are proved to be in the wrong (ie: incorrect details, etc) then you probably have a good case to get some compensation from them. Still bites though.
  13. Wasn't a very happy Flipper last night :evil: :evil: :evil:
  14. Likewise Deb if there is anything i can do to help out during this time, and dave is not there, give me a call.

    Cheers stewy.

    Personally i if i was you i would advise anyone that you talk with that this conversation will be recorded (most phones have this now) if not as the conversation goes, take a dairy of the events of the conversation. Note date, time (excalt time) lenght of conversation, location. keep in order. Cos i get the feeling this is going to get messy (or then it already is) personally i would seek legal advise aswell, because surely you can claim back lost hours aswell.

    But hey i am only a draftsman..... keep the dairy (i do know that does work as have to keep one every day at work), it amazing how quickly you can put people in there place when they see you pull out a book with time date and info on conversations.....
  15. That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of.. then even if you go down to the shops for some milk I bet you will end up getting pulled over and caught for driving without a licence, it is just not fair at all. Let's go linch the sherriffs office. :)
  16. :shock: Deb this is awful

    Have you got copies of Every mail or letter you Sent ?

    get them all printed out again
    and go to the sherrif with them and then the Rego branch
    Do Not post them take them in Person

    all this should be able to be sorted easily with your letters in hand

    If you need someone to drive you Pm Me
    i will take the time out to help you
  17. Flipper...that totally sucks. Fight it!!

    I think you should hire Stewy and PVDA as your legal advisors.

  18. I will be telling them that when I ring them back today to see if the matter has been dealt with.

    I have given them my old employers details to confirm that i was at work at 8:30am on that day.

    It's 2.4 KM from the school to my old place of work, hence being there by 8:30am after dropping Maddy at school at 8:20am.

    Unfortunately I don't have copies of the original stat dec :(

    Thanx everyone for your support. It's just so damn frustrating.
    I remember a few years back when the kids were younger and I had my car in for repairs. This was before I had a bike so the car was my only form of transport and it was frustrating enough not having a vehicle to drve and having to get Public transport. But to have 4 vehicles in the driveway that I can drive but not being "allowed" to is the worst bit.
    What also pisses me off is that on the very rare occasion that i do have a day off work I usually take my 91 year old Grandmother (who moved in with us in June) out for lunch to get her out of the house and I can't even do that today :evil:
  19. That's awful.
    Sounds like a bureaucratic bungle that's unfortunately; par for the course. :(
    Fight on Flipper.
  20. Thats the maddest thing I have heard in a long time. How can anyone get their license suspended for dropping their child off? Was it a traffic warden that issued the ticket? Aren't they supposed to take photos of the car and all that to support the ticket? Whats your next step?