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Flipped a coin

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Vertical C, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. So...flipped a coin and decided to buy this RGV 250.


    Someone has painted it 80's Yamaha colours not sure why. It is kind of fun to ride, its bloody light. It was only $2K so I will ride it for a bit and see.
  2. thats cool.
  3. Top stuff vertical, I'm bloody jealous of you right now; although probably not come rebuild time. I remember that from my Aprilia...

    Anywho enjoy the hell out of it and let us know how she goes! If you want a tip for good, cheap two-stroke oil then get the 'Valvoline 2T Race' from Supercheap. Comes in 1L blue bottles for $10 and worked very well in my Aprilia with almost no deposits and only expected wear.

    Cheers - boingk
  4. :shock: that LOOKS so wrong!!!

    bet it's fun to ride, though.....
  5. Just had new heads, pistons and barrels on it less than 1000kms ago so I am hoping for a bit out of it. Its got a bit of rust on a few of the bolts so cosmetically it is not all there, but for the money I was happy.

    Thanks for the tip I bought some stuff at the servo and it was $32 :-s I thought that I would have to get another supplier.

    My first 2 stroke since my first bike in 1995. I am still a bit scared of the maintenance. That is why I had to flip a coin as my head was saying no and the heart was saying yes. The coin said yes so here we are.
  6. Those noisy pipes will have you living forever too ;)
  7. Hmm. yes.
  8. That thing is sweet. Congrats :)
    I had a TZ250G in those colours. Thinking 1980 give or take a year.
    It will teach you a thing or two about corner speed and smooth lines (holding that speed) at the track.
    Places like the Old Amaroo we were as fast as the opens. And they were on two stroke 750's. They would still put a lot of new much bigger sports bikes to shame at Morgan park and tight tech tracks like that.
    I'm envious. I have been wondering where I could hide or explain the need to the dragon for an Aprillia for ages.
    Mmmm anyone want to rent half a house on the Sunshine Coast.
  9. That might explain why they chose that colour scheme when they repainted it if the TZ was that colour.

    Do you mean one of these?


    Yeah I bought it for the track mostly, better to throw this down the track than the r1.
  10. Tears to my eye son tears to my eye
    Look at it. That's just brilliant.
    A masterpiece with the fairing off
  11. That TZ is gorgeous.
  12. That's a lot of fun for 2 grand.

    If the engine upkeep gets too galling you could put a Thumper engine in.
  13. looks like a beige colour :D
  14. Yep, it's at least dark bone...
  15. no it's not it's silver boned
  16. Guys you have forgotten your definition. Beige is sensible. What is sensible about flipping a coin to buy an 18 year old two stroke..
  17. i like.


    wanna swap? :D
  18. i like.


    wanna swap? :D
  19. With what?
  20. 2008 Ninja 250R :D