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flip up helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kooler2, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Thinking about getting a new helmet, and as I wear glasses was thinking about getting one of these flip up types. Been looking around but the sellers don't know much, so can some people help. Seen a good one on the internet a Schuberth. Is their a distributer in Australia

  2. A review of 7 filp-ups (modular) can be found at http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com/accessoriesandgear/fliphelmets/

    The end conclusion is that all of these helmets work well provided they fit your head well. They found that fit made a significant change on the ability of the helmet to roll off on impact - some testers the helmets wouldn't roll off, for others they would. Thus try before you buy is always applicable.

    I too am a wearer of glasses I will be looking for these soon...
  3. I think Schuberth manufacture the BMW helmets. Last time I checked, th nearest distributer was in S.A. (Sethefrika, not Sethestraya)

    I wear an open face around town (for vision) and a HJC flip front on the open road.

    They *are* useful for spectacular people.

    In many instances a flip front seems to be noisier than a full face. But this depends on the helmet/bike/rider combination, and can vary enourmously.

    It's a pity there's no way of really trying out a helmet before you buy it.
  4. Thanks for all that, the bm helmet looks the go but also the Nitro looks a bit of gear as well, I'll let you all know when I get one
  5. happy to help, that's what Netrider's for (oh, and the odd vitriolic argument, of course!)
  6. I've got a Nolan flip face and had no problems with it. It's a touch noisy maybe but I'll happily buy another one. Haven't tested it (1.5 offs and my head hasn't hit the ground yet) but it seems pretty solid and fits me very well.

    Think I paid ~$400 for it.

    The Bimmer helmets do look the goods though.
  7. Also check out the M2R range of flip up helmets, along with Nolan and Laser.
    I have the HJC Symax, my wife has the M2R, and my daughter has the Laser. We are all happy with our individual helmets. Main difference being price.

    HJC= $429.00 approx
    Laser= $299.00
    M2R = $199.00

    Best to try on as many as possible and find the one that is the best fit and most comfortable for you. Price may be a consideration, but do not let it dictate what you buy, safety is paramount and it may just cost a little more to achieve.

  8. Get a BMW helmet... all others are heavy and will kill your neck...
  9. oh!! :shock: I want communications!!!
  10. sigh, grrrls always want more..... (just joshing ya) :LOL:
  11. Could be wrong but doesn't the comms system need the BMW bike to go with it?
  12. Well why not buy the helmet, and maybe they will throw the bike in. :D
    Think you could be right, they might only work on the BMW, I haven't seen one, my mate was telling me about them, I have a feeling they just adapt to the Autocom system.
  13. This is not a shot at BMW per se, nor BMW riders, but I just can't understand how Nitro can build a helmet and sell it for $299 and a similar concept with the BMW branding costs nearly three times as much? Is it possible for a helmet to be "three times better", or is it just that BMW know that their customers will pay more or expect to pay more?
  14. ehn doonkoff, eets da german hengineering, ya?
  15. Like in many areas, the little bit of extra performance costs a lot.

    Shaving a hundred grams off the weight of a helmet while keeping its structural integrity, protection and comfort may well involve significantly more costly manufacturing processes.
    Is a $21,000 bike three times better than a $7000 one?
  16. Agree with you Paul, but it's the same with Lazer or MR2 helmets vrs Shoei, unfortunatly we have to pay for quality in all products. And there is a big difference when it come to quality in helmets.
  17. OK, point taken. I can see that I should spend a lot more on my next helmet, and, in order to keep mike happy, start saving for a BMW!!! :LOL:
  18. Heh. My current helmets are a $300 HJC, flipfront, and a Nolan openface I got at a garage sale[1] for $25 (with a pair of fur lined gloves thrown in)

    If you mean a BMW motorbike, I'm not fussed. The less people who buy them the less I'll have to pay if ever I need to get another.


    Yeah, I know, used helmets are a no-no. My choice.