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Flip-up helmets - are they okay?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by EclipseoftheDarkSun, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Hey there, I wear glasses and it seems to me it'd be convenient for removing and putting on a helmet (thinking of Boswell VS125 scooter) to have a flip-up one. What are your opinions on flip up vs standard full face helmets?

    I found this piece of text on a website:

    "Flip-Up Helmets from Shoei, HJC, KBC & Nolan

    Flip-Up helmets are designed to provide a convenient way to communicate with fellow riders without having to unlatch your helmet. They provide warmth and protection from the weather but allow for easy communication by lifting up the entire front of the helmet with the push of a button.."
  2. Yes, they're convenient but, IMO, they're not as strong as standard helmets. Designs may have improved over the years, but they were once known as "jaw-breakers".

    I wear glasses, too, and it's really no drama to wear them with a standard helmet.
  3. Personally I don't like them, but if you are going to get one, make sure it is one of the better ones.

    Test it out by giving it a firm tap to the bottom when the visor is down. If it flips up, you know that it isn't going to give you the protection you need in the event of an off. The cheaper helmets do this, which is why I suggest you go for the better quality ones.
  4. flip ups

    I have one of these flip helmets. After using a full face for a year, open face too open for me, I switched to flip.. I couldnt be happier... full face when riding, visor works independently and then when i have to do something or speak to someone I dont have to take the whole thing off.
    Just dont forget when you raz off to put the flip down.. somethimes I forget, thinking that its my visor that is up, still, its easy to flip back down.
    BTW I love my VS 125!
  5. I wouldn't buy a cheap one.
  6. flip ups

    have a look at www.myeyekon.com/scootrtv
    episode 1 has a video on the different helmets and their safety.
    I could be wrong here but if it meets standards in Australia..... it should be relied upon to be safe.
  7. Have a chat to Loz; he's a Nolan flip-front helmet guru. I believe he's even crashed one, so he knows what he's talking about.

    I agree with the others, though, don't buy a cheap one; on my observation the mechanisms for flipping up the front section break easily (did with the Nitro version, anyway).
  8. That video says if you drop your helmet, you should chuck it - seems to me that having a flip-up section, you could minimise the amount of taking off and putting on that would increase your risk of dropping it... maybe.

    Of course, the suggestion that I get a quality one sounds wise.

    With normal helmets, I can't really put them on and take them off while wearing my glasses can I? Do I have to take off my glasses, put on my helmet, then try to put on my glasses thru the visor? Because that seems pretty awkward.

    Would a Shoei Multitec count as a quality helmet?
  9. Shoei IS a quality brand..... lots of racers wear Shoei... (and would-be racers too, :p)
  10. I've got a Shoei and whilst I wouldn't say it was a bad brand, I'd say it was way overrated.

    Racers don't wear flip ups and I'm betting the sponsored ones wear helmets that you and I can't even get.
  11. Take glasses off.

    Put helmet on.

    Ensure visor is raised.

    Put glasses on.

    "It's not rocket science."
  12. True! But if you're not going to get a flip-front helmet, see your optometrist and get a robust pair of frames for your glasses, because they will take a pounding being slid on and off under a helmet. Ask for a pair where the arms are as close as possible to your temples...
  13. Flip-top hemets rock beyond any comprehension you may have of how to rock. I'll never go back to a suffocating full-face. I ride everywhere up to 80k with open face and shades, and click it down when the wind comes up.

    I've crashed them properly twice, and both times they've done a bang-up job.

    Get a Nolan if your head fits it, they're the business. I'm still discovering features, and this N102E is my third Nolan flip-up.

    nb. Don't buy one if you give a rat's about looking like a dork. They look crap but are just brilliant for comfort, use with glasses, talking at the lights, feeling the summer breeze, sneezing, coughing, getting breathalysed, paying for petrol without taking your lid off and generally not feeling claustro.
  14. I am into my 2nd flip front helmet. Wore my first model Nolan to death. Now I use a Zesus flip front. The front on the Zesus will not come up as far as the Nolan but that fine by me.

    The Zesus is the most comfortable helmet I have owned.
  15. I just bought a Shoei Multitec. It fits me better than the other flipups that I found out there. HJC was a close second, but any others just didn't fit me at all.

    The only thing that others have said is that taking the Multitec on & off hurt their ears (but I have a narrow head so I have no major dramas with that myself).

    Whatever fits & isn't super cheap, go for it I reckon.. You gotta like the opening mechanism too, they're all different. HJC seemed to be the easiest, but the Multitec feels more like it wouldn't open if knocked during an off.
  16. Hey pursikat, do you own one of the latest ones?

    I was looking at a Shoei a while ago, good looking standard helmet with no graphics and was shocked at the $700-odd dollar price tag. I asked the rep who reached over and flipped the helmet. Ah.... neat.

    For my next lid I'll think about it. They look very well made and I'm a lazy bastard who stops for fags, fuel and suchlike so it'd come in handy. I just couldn't justify the extra $300 for a few seconds taking the helmet off.
  17. QuarterWit: Yeh, I just bought it a couple of weeks ago. It's hella pricey, but seriously, the only thing that would fit my head so well in the flipup. Not something I'd buy if I were just casually looking for a 2nd helmet while my first was still going.

    Got it in blue... IMO no graphics makes it look bigger than a helmet the same size _with_ graphics, but it's comfy & functional (& to A/NZ Standards) & that's what counts to me! :)
  18. I'm glad you've worked it out. :popcorn: What I mean is it's a pain in the butt, pushing in the glasses handles carefully between my head and the helmet padding. I just tested it with a friend's helmet, which seemed to be the correct size for me. :popcorn: Also wondering re: tinted visors - are most helmets able to have tint and non-tint visors swapped in/out?
  19. Yeah... But f*ck that.

    The Nolan N102E has a flip down half-length dark second visor. They call it the Vision Protection System, which is a bag of wank, but it works very well. So you've got the VPS, the visor and the whole chinpiece to flip up and down at your leisure.

    Do not pass go. Go and collect a flip-face.
  20. Cool, I'll take a look at it. Thanks.