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Flip Plates

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Guest, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Has anyone had flip plates fitted?

  2. (sigh) kishyyyyyy
  3. C'mon, Kish, this has been done to death at least twice that I can remember :grin:
  4. might sound like a dumb question but what are flip plates??
  5. Mustve been b4 my time :grin:
  6. Whattt $450 I had them On my car and they were $100 each, also they dont work all the time it depends on the angle of the speed camera and I got pulled over with them on and copped a $100 fine.
  7. forget that question just looked up the ebay thingo
    very interesting lol
    for that price compared to a speeding fine lol
    hmmm hard choice
  8. flick a switch & your plates tuck into the undertail hiding them.
    good for when your running red lights, going past speed traps
  9. stealth plates

    the other option is stealth plates, you press a button and the screen goes black in 0.1 of a second. Lots of fun!!!!
  10. Re: stealth plates

    whaaa? hey dude.. have you got any more info on these stealth plates?
    kinda curious :grin:
  11. whatever happened to the ole "stick your foot over your numberplate" trick?
  12. Just so you know... IF you do get caught with 'em, the penalty is something pretty serious (might have been somewhere around $5K with a possibility of time in stir? Can't remember). I've also heard it may be a criminal offence rather than just an infringement.
    Anyway, do your own research and make your own decision.
  13. Re: stealth plates

    :-k they sound cool... must get me some of them :twisted: then again I'll be on the postie soon so won't need flip plates :LOL:
  14. i think the offence is "perverting the course of justice" or something
  15. A friend of mine found that if you remove the rear mudgard and hang the number plate so that it either swings back and forth or can be locked in place that at speed he gets a vacume that pulls the number plate under the back seat. If he gets pulled over he tells the cops that he has been meaning to get bolts for it but hasn't gotten around to it. :LOL:
  16. elctro chromatic glass is what its called i tried getting my hand on the stuff but could not find anyone that sells it. (talking about the stealth plates by the way)

    I think overexposure is the way to go or a radar jammer

    but read my sig im still looking
  17. I don't really see the point of the stealth plates. Surely, if you can see the radar in time to take your hand off the clutch and flip the switch, you can just as easily hit the brakes.
  18. Depends what speed you're doing I guess :grin:

    Also, I think if you're having a blat in the twisties, then you could just leave it on during the duration of the ride. Once you get back to town and think there might be police cars about, turn it off.

    Just thoughts; my VTR250 doesn't really warrant a stealth plate :)
  19. a cheap fix is if u still have plates like l's or p's u tie it on in a way so it hangs on under the numberplate but u make it loss so it flaps around.

    then when u goin fast it flips up over ure number plate. when i did my p's test somone had this they had no idea it did it though, kinda cool culd be worth testing out.