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flip helmets at your local servo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by supagu, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. i have a flip helmet and im wondering if people just leave these on and just flip em up when going to pay for thier fuel. I know ur not supposed to wear a normal helmet in there for security reasons.

  2. I would if I had a Nolan.

    Try it and see what happens :)
  3. I imagine you'll get different responses different places. Give it a go - if it works, fine, if it doesn't, take the helmet off with good grace and no stress.
  4. +1 to the above posts.

    A friend who wears a flip-up one will wear his into the building flipped-up, and usually doesn't get hassled for it.

    I agree with Bravus - if they do ask that you remove it, that's fair enough I think.
  5. ...but put your hat straight on. See if they've got a sense of humour.

  6. Wear a black balaclava under your helmet. They love it.
  7. When I worked at a servo I didn't mind open face flip helmets because you can see their face.

    You always wonder though when riders walk in with a full face helmet and tinted visor is this going to be the one who demands for the cash.

    A helmet (full face tinted visor) is just as good if not better than a balaclava.
  8. Yeah I wear a Nolan N102 flip up helmet and never take it off when I go in a pay for the fuel, no one has ever stopped me.
  9. Same here. Do it about 70% of the time and have never been asked to take it off.
  10. Flip ups and servos

    Yes, so do I. I have never yet taken it off when going in to pay for fuel and no-one has ever asked me to. It's one of the good things about having a flip up.
  11. Never

    Must say I just wear a normal helmet, have never taken it off and have never been asked to take it off. I have a clear visor which I normally lift up so they can see my eyes. I try though and remember to hold my card/cash in my hand.
  12. flip top heads
  13. Nolan must be selling container loads of N102's!

    Had mine for a couple of months, always keep it on at servo's, flipped up, never had a problem.
  14. I've done that! I forgot I had it on- I had just been riding for 2 and a half hours. Servo attendant freaked out a bit (took a step back) when I walked through the auto doors... made me giggle a tad... :LOL:
    I took it off and all was good. :cool:
  15. If one is wearing a Burka?? What do you think? Could it be a disguise?

    You can't ask them to remove that.
  16. If I get 'asked' to remove a helmet then I'll do it (assuming there is some sort of sticker on the door).

    I am *not* removing a balaclava though (well not until they have a no balaclava sticker anyway) :LOL:
  17. the first day i got me lience i walked into a servo lifted me flip helmet up so i she could see me face and as i got to the counter she said take that off now but the day before my dad walked in on his bike did the exact same thing as i did he asked wheather it was ok and she said yes. So where am i going with this is that all depends on wat mood they are in at time they are serving you.
  18. I flip. Never had a problem.
  19. I worked in servos for about 5 years while at uni, and never did I ask a flip visor wearer to remove his helmet.

    Any attendant who asks you to remove it is really just being difficult - a flip helmet doesn't obscure the face any more than a hundred other pieces of headwear people get around in.
  20. I wouldnt try that at some servos out west,

    I dont wnat to give anyone a heart attack, then again theyre usually intrigued by the bike more then anything else

    "how did they manage to shrink a fireblade?"