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Flip-front helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, May 26, 2005.

  1. Being one of those cursed with having to wear glasses, I've been taken with the new Nitro flip-front helmet
    It's not expensive ($299) but I was wondering if anyone has any long-term user experience with this type of helmet?
    Also, with this sort of helmet, do you still have to take it off when you go in to pay for your petrol (after all, they can see your face??!)

  2. You have to take off your helmet when you walk into a servo?!?!?!
    Unheard of.

    I never took my helmet off.

    Was given a hard time by a servo close to home by the owner one time.
    The following day I drove the car and filled that, I was wearing dark glasses, a cap and a jacket that just about covered my chin. I walked in and paid with no problem.
    I then took off the cap and glasses and asked him why it was different for me the day before.
    He was lost for words....
    Suffice to say he never did bother me again.
  3. I dont take my normal helmet off when paying for fuel,so id be even less inclined to do it with a flip front helmet!,lol! :LOL:
  4. personally i not a big fan of those flip helmets.prefer my full face ARAI
  5. flip faces are not to bad as long as you dont intend riding with it up..........
    personally I prefer an open face :)
  6. Do what I do, find a Mobil petrol station where you can pay at the pump and don't bother going into the shop, let alone taking off the helmet. Last time I refuelled it was gold and I didn't even take off the gloves...:LOL:...
  7. You have to take off your helmet when you walk into a servo?

    Yes Vic, in NSW it's the law, as with banks and many other places.

    You are also not allowed to sit on your bike while re-fuelling

    Or allow a minor to re-fuel a car

    But on the up-side, we do have the Macquarie Pass, the current Miss Universe, and a better than equal representation in the Australian Cricket Team; so, we take our helmets off when we go to pay for petrol, and think about all the other advantages of living in Carrs-ville (NSW)
  8. Is it law though? Are you sure? Do you have the relevant law at hand.

    Here in Victoria there are signs everywhere that tell you that you must remove your helmet. It's not law, it's the oil companys policy, very different to law.

    Most fuel companies in Victoria will not turn on the bowser if you are seated on your bike whilst you are trying to refuel. Again, it's company policy not law.

    The allowing a minor to refuel, not sure about this one, it may be law but I suspect it may be company policy.
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  10. Don't know about allowing a minor to refuel a vehicle here in Victoria, my seven y.o always like to play pump jockey when were in the tintop, mind you I'm always standing next to him and I've never been refused to fill up
  11. I never take off my helmet!
    As for sitting on the bike when refuelling, its to reduce the risk of a static discharge igniting fuel vapor. The same rules apply to cars for the same reaon.

    Anyway, if fuel splashes out of the tank when I was sitting down, it'll go over me tackle.
  12. I always take my helmet off in servos.

    I see it as a matter of common courtesy.

    When you are communicating with someone, especially in their workplace, it is rude to have your face obscured.

    OTOH I can see why Vic would think it polite to keep his face covered.
  13. I always take my helmet off.

    Often I get comments like "In the name of all that is holy, man, put it back ON! There are children and animals here - have a sesnse of common decency"

  14. What? You don't have him squeegie-ing the front and rear screens while you fill up? What on earth did you have kids for?! :LOL:
  15. maybe I derailed this thread......

    .......by talking about servos, etc, but I would value some advice from someone who owns or has owned a flip-front helmet as to noise, durability, weight, etc.
    I noticed in that review that Boz posted (thanks REALLY informative) that they really didn't say that they liked them or not, but I'd appreciate some real-world Aussie input.
    (That survey, incidentally, said thta they thought they were no real advantage for people who wear glasses, which would be my major motivation, but I can's see how they couldn't be easier than taking glasses off and then putting them on every time you need to remove your helmet)
    Any cops or ex-cops who wore them on Beemers can help?
  16. OK Hornet.

    I currently use a HJC flipfront, for long runs and a Nolan open face (with a full-face visor) for around town.

    The flipfront is a little noisier than the fixed full-face I had before, but not enough to be a worry to me. Of course noise is a complex interaction between the helmet, the bike, the rider's height and riding posture, so the only way you'll know if a particular helmet is noisy is to buy it and try it.

    I wear glasses. The flip front is a real boon. I never take my glasses off to put it on. It shouldn't be too hard to pop into a bike shop and try on a few, to see how they go with your glasses.

    On the other hand, I never found it much of a bother to take my glasses off when putting on a conventional helmet.

    Some people have suggested that a flip-front helmet might not be as protective as a 'proper' full face, but I suspect that any crash that destroys the chin bar on my helmet is likely to do a lot of damage anyway. I understand that the chin bars on conventional helmets are not *that* strong anyway. If they are too strong, then transmitting crash forces via the chinstrap might have unfortunate consequences.
  17. Thanks for the detailed advice, I shall hie me off to the local purveyor of two-wheeled conveyances, and try one on!!!
  18. I have a HJC flip font too. Never take my glasses off to put it on. It's comfy for my big fat head and I don't find it too noisy. It has the advantage of just having one handed opening. Some flip fronts you need to undo a clip on each side to flip it up. The HJC just stick your finger under the chin bar and pull it upwards with the single release.
    I never take it off at a servo either. I just flip it open and I haven't had an attendant complain yet.
  19. Thankfully your features are softening with age, but then again maybe I am inured to your appearance. I'm just happy that now days you have more of a tendency to keep your pants on. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  20. Again like the others I currently use a HJC Symax helmet. Apart from all the other other advantages already explained, on a hot day there is nothing better when stopped at the lights than popping up the front of the helmet for fresh air.
    My wife and a friend are using the M2R System helmet (199.95), and both are relatively happy with them.
    If you happen to be a smoker it allows to have puff at the side of the road without removing your helmet.