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Flip front Helmets. Your experiences?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ewokracing, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. I'm heading to Tibet in August and I want to get a flip front helmet so I'm not taking it off all the time etc.

    What have you got and what do you like/dislike about it? I'm in two minds as to whether I get a "good" one like an Arai, or a cheaper one like a Bell in case it gets lost en route.

    I stopped about two years ago and asked a scooter rider what his Shark Evoline 2 was like (I wanted to get one as I was sick of my Shoei TZR and he said it was the worst helmet he's ever owned and was incredibly noisy.
  2. I'am guessing the pace won't be all that blistering say 30-60kph. Might be similar to where I'am going, Timor. I plan to leave my Shoei Neotec with my bike in Darwin & buy a cheapo open face with a detach visor thingy to take.
  3. I use a Shoei Neotech which I find very good, but it is expensive. Comfort will also depend upon the shape of your head. I don't find it noisy, but it is probably more noisy than a full face helmet.
  4. My Shoei Neotec is heavier than my old BMW System 6, but it fits my head better. Had some issues with rain getting inside the visor - not dribbling, actually raining inside. It got sent back to Japan, but I don't know yet if they've managed to fix it bc I haven't ridden in heavy rain since. I notice it's very draughty around the chin bar, which is cold in winter.

    I wish the inbuilt sun visor was darker.
  5. There isn't a flip lid that isn't noisy. The top top top of the range be quieter than the bottom of the range, but no flip lid I've tried is as quiet as full face.

    I have an evoline and it's a little noisier than my full face, but with ear plugs it's perfectly fine. I love the evoline when coaching and for its all round versatility. Fairly comfy helmet.
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  6. Thats what I figure - with the flip front helmets that I've looked at, the cheap ones literally do look and feel cheap. The Arai ones look and feel a lot more solid. Elsewhere people have said the Shoei Neotec are better than the Schuberth helmets. I might go look at some in BMW Southbank as well.

    Old Road: yeah, pace won't be fast, I'm just wary of copping a rock to the chin. Had it happen before on an open face.

    Greydog: I suspect all of the built in tinted Visors aren't that great. I always take Polarised sunnies with me and a pair of clear safety glasses too.
  7. New bike new helmet. Bought an Evoline 3 to go :) Bit hard to tell if it's terribly noisy as the screen on the tracer is not very good. On a comfort scale it rates ok and you have to option to use either the outside or inside visor or both together. The main feature I like is the flip and lock all the way back in one movement. You don't have to dick around, just lift the lock up, pull forward a little and roll it over. You can ride around like an open face helmet with full use of both visors.
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    My Schuberth/BMW System 6 evo is the quietest helmet I've ever worn, had various shoei XRs, Nolan and AGV full face helmets before. Flip fronts have smaller neck openings due to their nature/construction and are (generally) quieter because of this.
  9. Nolan N104 here. Went to this from the Shoei TZR.
    Yes, it's a bit noisier, and heavier, but larger eye port improves visibility.

    Can't really compare to the other flip faces as none would fit my head.
  10. On my 2nd HTC. Beema Type 3's prior to that & used to be a dedicated Bell/ Shoei or Nolan open face/ race setup prior to that.
    The Beema's did a host of m/c training/ industry work (was a tax deduction) then 200,000 clicks around the world. Still miss them. Faultless. Cost approx $700 22 years ago.
    HJC Max range isn't comparable but McCleod Importers were great with spare parts & super amazing speed with postage. Cost under $500 ?
    I still have a trusty old Bell open face for workshop test riding.
    Am about to trial a Schuberth C3 (they used to manufacture the BMW Type 3's) brought over as a pressie last year (non AS/NZS 2063) & I hear on the grapevine helmet standards legislation is changing shortly if not already. ECE 22-05 is good enough for me anyway & most insurance companies.(check with them first) Cost around AUS $1000

    Don't foget the anti-fog. :) Safe travels.
  11. I had a Nolan for some time, good fit but 'not quiet'.

    A couple of BMW System 6s which are quiet, comfortable and fit my head shape. System 5 before that was OK in retrospect, heavier but still quiet.

    Current Schuberth C3 Pro is just brilliant: fits like a glove, very quiet, light weight, and good price from Italy.
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  12. Yes, but I wear prescription glasses...and not the ones where you can get good 2 for 1 offers, so the inbuilt sun visor is the best option. It's ok, just could be darker.
  13. Like Greydog, I too wear prescription glasses, and, because of that, I jumped into the flip front helmets when the first of the BMW ones hit Oz.

    Before that, I used to ruin a pair of glasses a year, struggling to put them on or off while wearing a full face helmet.

    So, for me, flip front helmets, usually BMW badged, were the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  14. Forgot to mention there's an X1moto flip lid here - never used :facepalm: - there was an Aldi lid until we had a real time discussion with the misinformed buyers in Sydney. Old gerl now has TZ-X Shoei & lesson learned. Happy as a sorted sidevalve & why is it that the female (& after the last few days in here, males as well) of the species never listen?
    - & bear in mind the X1's were initially recalled '13? (the later models were approved but still crap) & you all know how Aldi go about quality control to an extreme bottom line.
    Allowing for the circumstances & your preference to wear a lid while OS, & given you fully realize the risks involved why not opt for the throw away variety. Use it, abuse it then give it away to some less fortunate punter at the airport before you leave (I've done this myself at times).
    X1Moto cost $65 - free postage. (our contact is Kate: Mydeal.com.au Pty Ltd <support@mydeal.com.au>)
    Aldi lid - $80.

    Note ... am not recommending these, they are simply one solution for a budget minded traveler.
    & last but not least. no matter what new helmet you purchase check the DATE of MANUFACTURE on the tag inside of the lid (e.g. 02/16) Obviously the later the better & if seller only has a display unit in stock bargain your bollocks off or go elsewhere.
  15. I've had a couple.

    Nolan N102. Noisey but worked well and lasted. Got 5 years out of it easy.

    Shark Evoline 3. Currently with the retailer under warranty as it leaks water past the upper visor seal and the outer trim falling off.. 2 years, 9 months old.
    I hope I can get a refund instead of a new helmet. It's crap.
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  16. Nolan 102 works well for me too; it is well built and a fraction of the price of a Shoei or BMW ( Schuberth ) helmet. And I don't like the new models with the inbuilt sun shield like the Shoei Neotec and Nolan 104.
  17. I wear a HJC RPHA MAX...Its nice and light (well lighter than my previous lid anyway) fits well and is fairly quiet (and as I wear ear plugs it is very quiet (y))
    The build quality is great and it also came with a Pinlock shield and has never fogged up!. The drop down tinted sunshield is not very dark but I wear sunnies anyway...
    I am very happy with it! helmet_image.
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  18. Whilst the BMW system 6 is manufactured by Schuberth, there are a huge number of differences between the System 6 and the Schuberth C3 Pro. Not least is the AS1698 compliance making the Australian Sys 6 significantly heavier than the ECE 22.05 C3 Pro: with appropriate bluetooth units fitted there is a difference of nearly 450 grammes, or one pound! Visor fitting/removal, chin lock, venting, bluetooth units, noise attenuation and plenty more are completely different between the helmet models.

    The internal sunshield on the BMW/Schuberth helmets is a much better piece of kit than the flimsy one in the Nolan, and contributes to making them worth that extra bit of money.

    What value do you put on protecting your head in the event of an accident?
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  19. yes that is the core question. You might believe , but I don't think that you would ever be able to prove that a very expensive helmet protects your head better in the event of an accident than a helmet from a reputable manufacturer in the mid price range. I would never buy a cheapie, but I have tried friends BMW helmets in Germany and to me they were not worth the extra money.
  20. ive been looking for this helmet everywhere to try on!
    im in cranbourne noticed u were up mornington way,
    may i ask where you got it?