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flip front helmet ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MZ, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. I am looking at getting a new helmet and would like a flip front style one and would like some feedback from people who have them . like are they noisy , do they get heavy on a long ride . :?
    At the moment I have looked at the Nolan , BMW and HJC
    So any feedback on these would be great :wink:

  2. I have Nolan N102, do a search, I've reviewed it a few times and am now very happy with it as I have no fairing/screen and it is very quiet
  3. I've got a Nolan N102.

    Don't have to take the specs off to put the helmet on
    Great sunshield
    Good peripheral vision
    Less buffeting than my previous Nolan
    Pinlock anti-fog insert included in price - works really well

    Noisy - lot's of wind noise
    Lining occasionally needs reclipping in

  4. I've got a THH Flip up.

    It's pretty noisy with the front up but quietens down some when closed. It's also a little uncomfortable at times.

    When it comes time to replace it I WILL be looking for another brand.
  5. I have Nolan

    Put on with glasses on
    Can drink with it on
    Lots of ventilation when flipped up

    Very Very noisy
    Tend not to fit as snug as fixed lids
    The securing latches wear a bit after alot of use mine is 5 years old and now one side won't lock.
  6. I'm a nolan addict. I can't go back to full-face helmets, the flip face ones rock.

    The drawbacks are:

    1) Heavy (I don't notice any more)
    2) Noisy (Earplugs on longer trips work fine)
    3) Dorky looking (Give a rat's?)
    4) Some people have doubts that the chin area will hold in a crash
  7. Mm, friends in the US far older and more experienced than me say that flip-face helmets are usually fine in most crashes, but that the hinge(s) can shatter if the helmet lands on its side in a crash.

    (Yeah, I know it's just anecdotal rather than an article on testing or a study...)
  8. Didn't BMW's System 5 recently get ranked as one of the quietest helmets?
    Additionally, I think you can get that optionned in with some kind of audio feature.
  9. I can't comment on the current System 5, but BMW helmets are top dollar for poor quality. If you enjoy fiddly little parts in the pivot mechanism breaking, and not being in stock when you want to buy them, go for it. Yes, I used to sell them. And check out those visor prices!

    Shoei had a flip-front that was excellent but sales were slow and they were expensive.

    A flip-front will not be as strong as a regular full face but what do you expect? Common sense, people! You get conveniece and they are a damn sight better than an open face for protection. The Nolan ones have been around for years and are good.
  10. you forgot to mention how old you are? if you are over 70 then yes the flip face helmets are acceptable
  11. I've got an RXT:

    The padding around the stapps allows room for bud earphones
    Easy to open chin section
    Can scream abuse at taxi's
    Anti fog works well

    Cant hear the head phones so I just use ear plugs
    Very difficult almost impossible to opperate the chin forehead vents even when wearing draggin kevlar gloves
    Takes about 5 - 10 mins to change the visor
    A lot of draught from under the chin section

    I havnt used one but a bloke i spoke to was wearing a Zeuss and swore by it.
    would I buy another flip face?.............In a flash but not an rxt
  12. Thanks for the feedback
    Looks like the Nolan is the one to get
  13. That what would worry me, looked at them when getting my initial fear but couldn't bring myself to trust it
  14. I have an M2R 901 flip up helmet. Bought it new 4 months ago for $150.
    One of the best I ever had, maybe because it fits my melon perfectly.
    Max riding speed for me is 140km/h, do not notice any extra noise or other negative aspects.
  15. Really? That's a disappointing review.
    When it came time for me to purchase a helmet, a girl who worked at my bike dealership said that BMW was at the top end of helmets (along with price) - saying she had previously worked for one of their stealerships.

    I ended up going for a BMW SportIntegral helmet.
    I find it quite good, the wind noise about 80km/h isn't great but then again I've never tried another helmet. The parts seem quite solid, and the visor is a sinch to replace. I don't know what normal visor costs are and nor do I know if they make aftermarket ones. I ended up getting an OEM tinted visor at somewhere under $90.

    The honest truth is it coul be more stylish - mine is matt black with a black visor - however I am confident it will protect me and that is my main concern. When I upgrade my bike I might factor in a new helmet purchase and keep it as a pillion helmet.
  16. Hi MZ,

    I bought an RXT flip front helmet from Bikemart in Ringwood a few months ago. Cost me $180 (was $200 but got a %10 discount with my Netrider membership!). Being only my second helmet I can't really comment what it's like in comparison to others, but I find it snug and comfortable enough, if not a bit noisy at times. Having the flip front is great. It's especially useful for if you are stopping somewhere for a few minutes (ie. stop and stretch, drink break, stop for adjustment, toilet break, etc), though remember you still need to take it off when entering a shop.

    That said, my friend Trace had something go in her (same) helmet today, in which the flip part wouldn't stay up. We need to check it out and see what the problem is, so I can't yet comment on whether the mechanism is something that is going to be a problem.

    Hope this helps :)
  17. I've never used a flip front helmet, but I can't help but be puzzled when i see people riding around with them with the "chin" up. I don't know, just seems kind of pointless to me. heavier (and more expensive) than a normal open face, and if you're riding with the chin up, doesn't give you any better protection...

  18. And you are right in being puzzled, because all manufacturers recommend that when riding the flip-up part should be always locked in place (riding with the flip up open affects the structural strenght of the helmet in a crash). Also, these people might get a fine if picked up by the cops!
  19. Rode open/half helmets on a cruiser so ride with mine up alot.

    After a nice highway run, come into a town and slow down to 60, and open flip up for some nice cool air.

    Have even ridden with the front up on the highway on hot days to see how aerodynamic the helmet is - and surprsingly up to around 100kmh OK

    Am sure the cops have more to worry about than who is riding with their open face helmets not closed.
  20. Funny you should say that - probably about half of those who i see doing that are bike cops!