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Flip front helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VladTepes, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Need to buy a new helmet (getting back into streetbike riding after years away) and I have seen some that flip up at the front. I seem to recall these first appeared as BMW helmets and obviously others have since copied.

    I don't need one that "converts" to an open face helmet, but rather just think the flip up front would be convenient.

    How easy are they to "flip" ? I get hay fever would I be able to flip it up to sneeze rather than spray snot all over the isnide of a full face helmet? [​IMG]

    Anyone own or have experience using one of these can discuss pros and cons?
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  2. amd you blokes are still happy with your choices?
  3. I had a sneezing fit of three or four in a row today... ;) Just flip the visor!

    I've always been more worried about the amount of time I spend with my eyes closed if I have a sneezing fit in traffic than if the visor flips. That said, the Shoei multitec flip thing may be my next helmet.
  4. That Shoei does look the business and lighter than the Shark. And of course more expensive. I wonder if anyone has done a back to back review of those helmets?
  5. I've been lusting after the Evoline S2 for months and months. My helmet recently got scratched up while sitting motionless on top of a locker at work so I may now have an excuse to trade up.
  6. I'm very happy with the Vemar. It was $100 less expensive than the RJays with the internal visor, but it's not in the same price bracket as a Shark or the Shoei, whhich, I guess, most people would buy if money was no object. You could also consider the Nolan, in the middle ground
  7. Very happy with my Shark!
    I wanted to buy Shoei (just on reputation and brand name) but the Shark fit my head better, and allowed for the full flip (of the helmet).

    Is very handy with glasses, having a smoke without taking my full helmet off, or even just chatting to people as we regroup on rides without having to take it all off.

    Good thing is as well - unlike some other flip helmets is it can be used with the flip locked up and back, and it is still rated for safety that way as well I understand. I've only done it a couple of times - but now that the weather should start to improve looking to test it more even just around town. It is a bit heavier than some other helmets - but I gather most flip styled ones are.
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  8. Thanks DJY
    Those are the two helmets I am most interested in I suppose it will come down to a trial fitting in the shop to see which is best on my noggin.

    Anyone have tips regarding helmet fit? I know somwe take a while to "break in" but I sure don't want one that's always going to have annoying pressure points.

    Again sorry if these seem like stupid questions but it's been a long time since I had to buy any off this stuff.
  9. Had the nolan N102 for about 3-4 years now. Still going strong. The locking mechanism is still easy to operate and lift up.

    Only real downside of the Nolan at least is the extra wind noise it generates around the pivot point bulges on either side, right over your ears. Pretty much mandatory to wear ear plugs/noise isolation ipod earbuds when wearing the helmet, if you value your hearing that is.
    I also have a Shoei XR1100 and that helmet is whisper quiet in comparision.
  10. I drive a Land Rover Defender so my hearing is pretty much rooted anyway !
  11. Vemar are a good euro brand that has a large prescence in Europe but limited in Australia currently as the big 4 have the majority of the market ( SHOEI, SHARK,ARAI,HJC)
  12. I've got a Nolan which I'm extremely happy with. It's an N-102 very comfortable and after six months I'm very happy with it.
  13. I'll second that.
  14. I think I'm an evoline convert. It is comfortable, works well and locks up neatly and securely. Just got to buy one to try on the road.
  15. i've had the nolan n102 for 3 months now and it's comfortable easilly flipped, and the anti fog insert works brilliant in the southern highlands wet cold winters, no more holding my breath to be able to see on my rides to work
  16. I wear a SHOEI MULTITEC ( yellow) and LOVE IT . my other helmet is a bmw system 4 which I keep as a spare as its in perfect condition.
  17. I tried a flip top, tourtech infact... HATED IT! Mega windy, making my eyes water and noisy - fark me, the noise! I wanted the convenience of a flip and the internal sun visor, but dived straight back into a full face helmet as soon as I could. ... so much quieter.