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VIC Flinders end of Queen Street

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Cheeba, May 20, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just a heads up and warning to anyone who may park their bikes in the middle section of Queen St in the city. For those of you not familiar with where I'm referring to it has a set of parking bays in the middle of Queen street for cars (one car width) and some trees surrounded by kerb - you used to be able to park on both sides of the tree so facing the correct direction of travel. Recently they closed all of that off so they could resurface and redo the kerbs around teh trees - in the process of doing that they have reduced the space so that you can only park now facing north. They had plastic bollards and tape across all of the parking (as they had also removed all of the parking metres!) and some signs in the bike spaces.

    Anyway, After literally having parked there for nearly 500 ****ing days out of the past year and a half as well as all of this week since they removed the signs blocking the space (and having been seen parking and leaving by the grey ghosts) I came out today to find the following...


    What? You may ask... look closely at the throttle.

    A ****ing ticket for parking in a no standing zone!!! What even the most eagle eyed of you will not see is a ****ing sign saying No Standing! Nor any cross hatching or other indication that this is no longer an appropriate or designated spot for bikes. I took a further five or six photos of all of the cars lined up with no parking metres (many with tickets)and absolutely no evidence of a no standing sign. IF and it's a big IF, they don't want people parking there at the moment why remove the bollards and bunting??? I am so seriously pissed off and will be contesting this in court if I have to.

    So be warned if you would use this space normally that you will most likely be in for a headache because of some over zealous twatmonkey.
  2. so if there is no signage contest it.... I would & have done in the past with great success
  3. Oh I'm going to but this is also a warning to the people who park in the CBD
  4. Well done Cheeba for advising us all here, on Netrider.
    It's a place we can (read 'should') post to help others/give a heads up of what to expect during our regular rides/commutes..if its purpose assists another rider, then it's a case of Mission Accomplished.
    Kudos to you for letting us all know and best of luck sorting that out.

    PS- Your beast stands out so much (very glamorous mate!) it's no wonder he went straight to it :(
    Good luck.
  5. Got a letter yesterday saying they had rescinded the parking ticket :D

    I wonder how many they had to tear up!
  6. The grey ghosts are pursuing a quota. What happens after that is up to the administrative processes.

    Your story is worth a well written letter the Mayor and relevant councillors.
  7. Doesn't surprise me, i once got a parking ticket that stated i had been parked longer than the allocated time, mind you i was parked in an ALL DAY spot with a ticket that was valid ALL DAY! thanks to Maribyrnong council twats. Of-course took pics and sent a letter and got off. But i laughed at the incompetence of the twats.