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Flight of the Conchords(series 2)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by movin, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Series 2 starts tonight(Monday) on SBS from 9-9.30.
    These guys are a cack. Series 1 was hilarious. Catch it if you can :grin:

  2. I've caught the occasional show on Paytv, these guys are funny, but quite subtle.
  3. indeed. subtle as an idling ducati in a meditation hall :wink:
  4. Maybe our definitions of subtle are different then :p
  5. Funny stuff.
  6. Bowie's in SPACE!!

    Bow-eeee-sss in spa-a-ace!

    Absolutely awesome show! Love the David Bowie sketches!! just brilliant! :LOL:
  7. "Do you have one sequined spacesuit Bowie, or do you have several ch-ch-changes..."

    2nd series doesn't seem as good as the first. Might be warming up though...
  8. " Do they smoke grass out in space Bowie, or do they smoke...Astro Turf...OOOOOOOOOO!"


    "Receiving Transmission! From David Bowie's Nipple Antennae!"
  9. oh thanks! I love these guys. missed the first one (but am resourceful !).