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Flight 666

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, May 3, 2009.

  1. The new Iron Maiden documentary/concert movie is showing this weekend and this week only, in only a few venues in each state. I tried to tee it up with my mate Cam from Lismore to meet up at the Gold Coast today to see it, but he's a readiographer and was on call. So I'm taking my 18 year old daughter, Cassie, to see it in an hour or so. I'm excited. There will be a review, oh yes. ;)

  2. Bugger, I hadn't heard. :(

    Cassie sounds like a cool kid, you've raised her well. :)

    Looking forward to the review.
  3. Five Horns Up - ‘Flight 666′ review

    Sam Dunn and Scott McFadyen, who made the metal documentaries ‘Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey’ and 'Global Metal’ were invited along on Iron Maiden’s incredible ‘Somewhere Back in Time’ world tour - the one Cam and I saw them on last year. The movie ‘Flight 666′ was the result, and Cassie and I went to see it together this afternoon.

    As we were waiting to be admitted, I said ‘I bet, after seeing this, you will want to come to the show the next time Maiden is in town’. She said ‘What odds do you put on that?’ I said ‘I was gonna say 80:20, but let’s be conservative and say 70:30′. I explained that I’ve seen Maiden live twice and know how good they are, and I also know what she likes. As we walked out of the cinema after the movie, all she said was ‘You know me way too well…’

    Bruce D1ck1nson, the lead singer of Iron Maiden, is a bit of a polymath who fences and writes novels and makes films. He’s also a qualified airline pilot who flies for a small airline between tours. Hence the idea for this tour - a customized Boeing 757, ‘Ed Force One’ with Iron Maiden logos and images painted on it, fitted out for all the band’s gear, the crew and the band and families, flown by Bruce, allowed the band to tour to places that would otherwise have been uneconomic. The tour stretched from Mumbai in India through Australia and Japan, the US, several South American countries and Canada.

    The movie is as much about the fans - including a few famous ones but really mostly just the ordinary fanatics - as it is about the band. There’s lots of fantastically-shot, amazing sounding concert footage, but also lots of interviews with fans and footage of the insanity that occurs when the band is in town. Fans in South America camped outside the venue for over a week to get good spots in the stadium. In some cases the crash was quite frightening - but the spirit was generally one of joy.

    The documentary crew was ‘inside’ the life of the band, on-stage, back-stage and on rest days, for the whole 6 weeks of the tour, and there’s plenty of candid footage of 6 modest, smart, funny middle-aged men who can move whole stadiums to tears or roars of pure joy.

    ‘Flight 666′ is showing in limited venues for a limited time, but if you have the chance to see it, do - it’s an amazing, energising and life-affirming experience.
  4. Great, thanks. I'll try and find myself back in Sydney at the right time.

    What I'm really waiting for is their Rush doco, I have high hopes indeed.
  5. Is it as good as Rock In Rio?