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Fleeing driver calls police to tell them to stop chasing him

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by AznCruiser, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Fleeing driver calls police to tell them to stop chasing him
    By Geoff Liesik, for ksl.com



    HEBER CITY — A Park City man accused of leading police on a 30-mile chase Thursday called dispatchers during the pursuit to tell them that deputies “needed to leave him alone.”

    The man, 20, was driving east on U.S. Highway 40 near Strawberry Reservoir when a deputy tried to stop him for going 15 miles over the speed limit, according to Wasatch County Chief Deputy Sheriff Jared Rigby. The driver did not stop and the deputy told dispatchers he was pursuing a fleeing driver.

    A short time later, a dispatcher notified the deputy that the driver had called in and said “that he was not going to stop and that I needed to leave him alone,” Rigby said, reading from the deputy's report.

    The driver's father also called dispatchers during the chase. He told them his son had also called him and told him what was happening, Rigby said. The father said he told his son to stop, but he wouldn't listen.

    Duchesne County sheriff's deputies and Utah Highway Patrol troopers set up tire spikes eight miles east of Fruitland to end the chase. The driver stopped his car just short of the spikes and was taken into custody.

    The man's family told deputies he was having problems with his girlfriend shortly before the pursuit and was distraught. “He'd had a bad morning and wasn't stopping for the cops,” Rigby said. “It was nothing more than that.”

    The man was booked into the Wasatch County Jail for investigation of failure to stop for police and speeding.
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    Well, i'll have to scrap that off my list then. Would've been hard with a helmet on anyways.
  3. I'm not so sure, he may not have been emphatic enough with them. I think I'll be swinging by a cop shop and tell them in person so they know I'm serious.
    The dispatcher might have thought it was a prank call? They get those all the time.
  4. I have a note from my mummy which says I can get out of police chases.
  5. I always wanted to use one of these with the police in such situations...