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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Toefa, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to ask for some advice if i may......

    We have just moved into an apartment in the Inner West (Sydney) which was pretty dirty and dusty when we first got here. We've been cleaning like crazy and will still be cleaning for a good while yet.

    The carpet in this joint is really old... and doesnt feel as though it has any felt underneath it and has worn spots here and there. Every time we get near it either laying or sitting on the floor, we get a tingling sensation on our skin... Kinda like fleas, but you cant see any insect/bug/thing. It feels a bit like being tickled by a single hair or something, and on a couple of occasions has caused little red lumps from scratchn.

    What do you think it could be, i cant seem to find too much on the net about things that lurk beneath carpets, but the closest i've felt to this before is from fleas?

  2. If there's fleas you'll see tham.
    I'm betting its a reaction to what was used to clean the carpets at some stage or a flea treatment.
  3. could be dust mites

    best thing is grab a bomb and bomb the house lol
  4. Do bombs kill dust mites too, or are there specific ones?
  5. Yeah was thinking it could have been something like that too... I'm not normally sensitive to anything like that though. :?
  6. not sure if there are special ones just gotta get to a supermarket and have a read
  7. Ok admit it. Which netriders did you have over just before! :LOL:
  8. Cool thanks Bubbly, i will give it a go.

    I did a search on dust mites before posting, but none of the info said they caused anything other than allergies/asthma etc. But i will try anything at this point.

    EDIT: PP, i think there may be a possibility that its a bad reaction to drugs induced involuntarily - force fed to me by the government in an effort to haze my memory of the posts that you have made over the last few weeks. :eek:hno: O wait did i say involuntarily?
  9. Hey Stealth,

    I work full time with dogs and with the current weather there are fleas everywhere. Generally for every flea you see there will be another 100 in the area. Chances are the previous occupants had a dog and its has left a few nasties behind.
    A flea bomb works great but just make sure you cover any fish tanks ect.
  10. G'day MLB,

    Cheers for that, the only strange thing if it is fleas, we havent seen any? Normally you'd scratch the area and find the culprit still on your leg or arm but we havent seen any bugs... Can fleas be small enough not to see with the naked eye?
  11. I'll bet it's fleas.
    You'll need to bomb it every couple of weeks as new eggs hatch out and a new generation of fleas emerges.
    There is a bomb available that interupts the breeding cycle though I believe.
    It doesn't kill the existing fleas though, it just stops them reproducing which is ultimately what you need.
  12. Ewww, that's gross if it's fleas... or dust mites, whatever they are!

    Will they get in my hair? :shock:
  13. Im more worried about them climbing into my urethra :shock: :LOL:
  14. :rofl:

    I told you not to sit on the floor last night!!
  15. Get your carpets steam cleaned.

    Kills bugs, removes chemicals.

    If the problem is still there after that, then try new chemicals [flea bomb etc].
  16. I assume you bought it so the frst thing I would do is bomb it, then steam clean the carpets. You are suffering an alergic reaction to something in the carpet. Might be mites Might be coachroach crap, but a bomb and then some 100c steam will fix it up.
  17. Nah just renting - C'mon this is Sydney we are talking about!

    I'll give that a go, bomb first, then if that doest work, steam it.

  18. Well tell the landlord to get his act togethor, you shouldn't have to clean the flat to a liveable condition. I would get onto the tenancy union or whatever it is called up there. :mad:
  20. Exactly :wink: