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Flat Tyre

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Miho, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. The other night I found the rear tyre on my bike had deflated while parked. Besided pissing me off it begged the question, "what do you do with a flat tyre on a bike?". Can they be repaired safely? Tyre weld? Is there a mobile service that can come out? Do I have to take the wheel into a shop?

  2. Depends on the bike and the tyre i suppose for the repair.

    I normally trailer the bike to get both tyres done. I know this is expensive, but I cant put one on without the other (front or back).

    Tyre Weld? Sometimes you can and sometimes you cant. Most tyre repair shops will tell you not to use it. I don't really know why but I think it makes the tyre harder for them to remove.
  3. Tyre Weld makes a mess of the tyre. If left in there for too long can actually destroy the tyre.

    I have used it but threw the tyre away when I got home.

    I have used mushrooms plugs when I picked up a nail at 1500km and ran the tyre till it was bald.

    A self tapper in the hole will plug a leak as a last resort too.
  4. very good father Vic
    never thought of that .
  5. I've only had one, found it in my garage a couple of hours after a ride home.

    The local Yamaha shop came and picked it up for me. Think they charged $15 local pick up service. I was pretty happy with that, cause had no other way of getting it there.
  6. i, like vick have used plugs, they come with a small gas canister pump that will get you to the nearest servo to pump it up properly, if you read the instructions and do it right they will last the life of the tyre, or it will get you to your tyre repair shop.
  7. Good Idea, I'll try my local bike shop. Now all I have to do is wait till friday for time off work. Stuck on a B!@*#y 250 till then :(:(:(
  8. I had a small puncture in my tyre not too long ago. Thanks to sluglie who provided me the know how and the plug to fix the tyre, it's as good as whole.
  9. How was it plugged and fixed? I thought that couldn't be done because tyres had a habit of exploding??? You don't seem to be dead yet so it must have worked :D
  10. Mushroom plug with vulcanising glue. Wait till it dries, ride around a bit to squish the plug in more. I was lucky that the puncture was inside the tread.

    As to tyres exploding, how much weight have you put on? :shock:
  11. I've lost weight, I'm now down to a lean, mean 76kg... Plus last nights pizza... and wine... and HJ's for lunch.... better make it 80kg.
  12. what's that stuff called?

    sounds good to have something to help in emergency, whats that plug stuff called?
    where can i buy it? and how much it cost roughly?
  13. You caplugs at any bike shop and it all depends on how mucyou want to spend.

    The es with the gas canister tend to be the better ones as they will usually see you to the nearest air hose.