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Flat Tyre

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BottledWater, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. First experience with a flat tyre on a bike. Felt funny in the corner so I pulled over to find it almost flat. Very fast leak. Nursed the bike 1km down the road to the servo and now 8'm stuck because no one is open on Sunday. I really should have had a repair kit. Think i'll need to get the bike towed home and get a new tyre tomorrow haha. The joy.

  2. Yep, I purchased a repair kit just so murphy's law would kick in and I'd never get a flat!

    Lucky that you felt it before you had anything nasty happen.
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  3. Can you see what's causing the air leak?
  4. Unless you have damaged the tyre carcass, or it is due for replacement because of wear, you might be able to have the puncture repaired. Obviously depending on damage.
  5. It's a very small nail. I tried using a repair kit I got at the servo but the tyre still wouldn't hold air.

    After about 1hr30m of trying to call around and thinking about my options and trying to repair the tyre I had a really nice guy turn up and he helped me get my bike home. I hired a trailer and got some straps and we hooked it up to his car and got my bike home. He was a rider as well and had been riding for 30+ years so I managed to get some good advice off him as well.

    It's really disappointing but I consider it all very lucky considering I could have crashed and then been stuck on the side of the road and no one helping me.

    Now i've got my bike up on the stands and i'm going to gear the rear wheel off and take it to a shop tomorrow. The tyre only has 4600km on it and still looks pretty good so if I haven't damaged it I will probably just get it repaired if it's safe. If it's not I wont bother risking it i'll just get a new tyre. Rather be safe than sorry.
  6. If it's a spoked rim , most likely the tyre has a tube in it that repair kits just can't fix ..
    Which hopefully means you'll just have to replace the inner tube ..
    For future reference @MMMTS Is a mobile tyre service , who may have been able to help you out this morning :)
  7. and is very good on all acounts
  8. Had I remembered I would have haha. I think i'll give them a call anyway and replace the tyre. It probably would be fine just to patch up but i'd feel more confident with a new tyre.
  9. join racv roadside assist. they'll send a truck to get you home. nail leaks are usually pretty slow. might have been there for a while.
    suggest you check your tyres when you do your chain.
  10. Yeah I might have missed it but last night I checked the tyre because I was cleaning some chain lube off the side wall. Here is the "little" bugger. I'm surprised I picked it up being as long as it is.

  11. Thats the shank of a pop rivet.
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  12. Correct!

    If it's a spoked wheel, It's almost certain to have a tube installed in it. With such a small object as shown above penetrating the tyre, all it will have done in effect is put a hole in the tube, letting all the lovely air out!

    Solution is patch or replace the tube, and reinstall some lovely air. No need to worry about any hole in the tyre, assuming the hole is in the tread area of the tyre. Patching the hole in the tube is exactly the same as doing on it a pushbike.

    Once that's done, go riding and not worry about it.

  13. Went down to 60 degrees to book my bike in for a service and get the tyre checked out. Tube has been replaced. It managed to tear the tube up pretty good. I'll post a picture when I pick it up tonight.
  14. A torn up inner tube is simply from riding on tyre when it was flat. That's why it's important to stop as soon as you feel something is wrong on a tubed tyre, it gives you a chance to simply repair the pin hole.