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Flat tyre preparation/kit?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Voz, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Took a run down from Sydney to Wollongong and back yesterday and everything was just fine.

    Anyway, I was thinking, a a new rider, WTF would I do it I got a flat tyre, what is the general apprach here to this potential problem? Is it that foam in a can stuff?
  2. Ummmm, search "puncture repair kits".
  3. And stay away from the can stuff, it makes a mess. I have one of these.
  4. How small does this kit compact down to? Would it fit under the seat easily ?
  5. I have it in under my seat and with under seat exhaust pipes there is very little room so most bikes should be able to fit it.
  6. I just stick my finger in till I'm home. Anyone else do this?
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  7. Thanks, that looks useful, gonna pick me up one of those kits. I have a maxi scoot so no problems with storage.

    I guess the only thing missing in that kit is air, any suggestions or best not to bother?
  8. It has air as well. In the little single use bottles, they will not necessarily get you to full pressure but will get enough to ride slowly to a service station to pump it up the rest of the way.
  9. Oh, I see that now, did not notice those in the shot. Amazing how much air those little bottles can hold.

    I recently bought a Hit Air Motorad airbag jacket from Japan and it inflates what looks to be about 10 litres of air from a single small 18cm x 4 xm CO2 cartridge, amazing.
  10. Mine i was told id need two cylinders for the front and three for the rear.
    I bought two more on the spot as spares to make up 6 cylinders.
  11. When i have used them, two is enough for a sportsbike. Even on a chopper I would say three would get you to a servo. You have to be careful with them but as its quite violent and you can drop them and waste it. Use a glove to hold them as the gas getting released is endothermic so it gets really cold.
  12. I take one of the cord type repair/plug kits with me on long trips and a small 12Volt compressor.

    The compressors are cheap and easy to find in auto stores, buy the smallest one you can find, and you can make them smaller by stripping off the plastic case. Some of the bike stores/brands sell items/kits that are essentially just one of these $10-20 mini-compressors stripped down, they charge more though. Some of the Adv' riders like to mount them up under fairings etc.

  13. harley make a small one with an light... it attatches to the battery charging leads most people have, so even less work, about 10cm x 10cm x 5cm, with guage.. havent used it yet, just see them at work, there $50ish

    but the small tyre repair kits are awesome, just get one with ths screws and the wicks.