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Flat tyre on the hyosung, first time instructions please

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by raiden337, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Hey guys n girls,

    could i grab some help from you all, I've never had a flat tyre before.

    I went out to move the hyosung into hte garage and noticed it was really hard to push. I straight away looked back at my tyre and pushed on it, flat as a tack. it had only been an hour after i got off it as well.

    I live in Frankston, i am able to transport just the rear wheel in a car. where should i go? how do i get it repaired? and what kind of money will i be looking at? i have like $200 spare.

    On a side note i know to really protect the brake disk during transport ect, i just dont know where to go or if a repair is even a viable option.

  2. Take the wheel off (keep all the bit in a handy container next to the bike) and go to any of the local bikeshops. Try Mornington Honda or similar. Depending on how badly damaged the tyre is will determine if it can be repaired. If its repairable, should cost about $25.

    Best to take the sprocket carrier off the wheel too before you go travelling about.
  3. I copped a flat rear yesterday and just use a tubeless tyre plug repair kit (under $10). Plugged it up and is good enough til I get it to a bike shop or decide my effort was good enough. Saves taking the wheel off and is pretty quick.
  4. I see, I look forward to seeing it in the day light. will go see the boys and girl at mornington honda. I feel pain in the hip pocket coming....

    any idea on a motorbike tyre cost? I'm thinking i cant afford it but can't hurt to ask tho.


    I'm not too keen on the home repair idea so i wont be doing that one. wonder what did the damage.... thanks for the help so far.
  5. Final post and close,

    Tyre was quoted by the mechanic at Frankston Yamaha, he used a tyre plug because only a small amount of the spike had peirced the tyre.

    All up i think about $23-25, Have to say it was a nice relief.