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flat tyre in carlton

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kellie_mc, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Hi all. I had to abandon my VTR 250 in Lygon Street on my way to work this morning thanks to a naughty nail that got itself stuck in my tyre. Any advice on what to do would be most welcome. It's too far to push it to PS, and from what they told me last week they're totally booked in the workshop anyhow.

    Cheers :?

  2. You got a towball? We got a trailer :p
  3. if it was me i would call around find a bike shop/bike tyre place that can fix it, (mind you if it's not almost near the centre of the tyre they can't pug it), ride it to a servo, blown it back up and if you can ride it straight there to get fixed....not good for the tyre but worse case is the hole might not be able to be pugged anyway in which case you just get a new tyre

    or as suggested trailer it....
  4. I don't have a car or a towball. I have just given Melbourne Motorcycle Repairs a call and the guy is meeting me at my bike after work tonight with his van - looks like I'll make it home tonight afterall :grin:

    Thanks for the offer!!! (I'm loving NetRider!)
  5. There's a bike tyre shop in Nicholson St North Fitzroy - is that near enough? I think they're in the 600 block which would be around halfway between Alexandra Pde and Brunswick Road. Open some nights, too, I believe.
    If you can get to a servo you could pump it up and that would get you a few more k's going very slowly.
  6. AH pete the pom to the rescue again, he is a top bloke you won't be disappointed with his work (pete services my bike, and does a top job and at good prices.)
  7. Sounds like Pete the Pom to the rescue.

    You didn't tell us if it was front or back. Only do the pump it up and ride thing if it's the back. Also, sometimes you can do a temporary plug with a screw.

    (this space for comments) :LOL:
  8. really men plug their tyres with bigger screws :p
  9. Jeez... why not spend the 40 bucks and carry a tyre repair kit :roll:
  10. still goota get to a petty station but
  11. Yeah but the tyre repair kits usually come with 3 bottles of compressed air, at leat enough air to ride on till you get to a servo.
  12. Just wanted to let you all know I was very happy with the job Pete from www.melbournemotorcyclerepairs.com.au did re my flat tyre.

    He picked me and the bike up, we went back to the workshop and he fitted a new tyre for me there and then, despite it being after 7pm. There was no extra charge for the unsociable hour, and of course no down time for me and my bike. I was very happy with the standard of service, and the price.
  13. Thankyou, i it was going to go begging.