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NSW Flat Track

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by UDLOSE, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. I tried flat track or dirt track as some call it on the weekend. It was a life changing experience I'm hanging to go back.

    The day was put on by city of Penrith MCC as a come and try day at Nepean Raceway. I took my bog stock KTM 450 out with a V rubber trails tyre on the back - this is the tyre that they recommend for this track.

    They said its like road racing on dirt and they weren't wrong,the group was very mixed with a few road racers and supermoto guys trying it out. The surface with that tyre is magic, what borks me on normal dirt riding is the ruts and choppy surface, there's nothing like that on a flat track.

    The hardest part about it is that the track conditions change every session as a race line wears in and they also water it throughout the day, you can't just go out and do the exact same thing.

    There's a race practise day coming up next weekend I'm gonna try and lock wire my bike in time to go along. Two of my mates who went with me are hooked also.

    The best part of all it costs like $50.

    Ill post up a video in a minute.
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  2. Video - (don't expect me to me good)

    View from the grandstand

    This is my ktm with the trials tyre fitted
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  3. That's a smooth track. They're not like that usually
  4. Hey mate, looks like you've discovered another brand of fun.

    You'd not be surprised, I'm sure, to know how many of Australia's great road-racers started out in short-circuit racing....
  5. Yeh it's not hard to see why either. It's really good fun and so cheap and easy to get into. I'm trying to find as many things possible to fill the gap of road riding.

    RR they had just graded the track apparently, I think we were the first day on the new surface.
  6. That does look like a bit of fun. Do they wear motocross type gear or road type gear? (helmets/clothing/boots)
  7. Most of the fast guys wear normal road race leathers, but there's lots of guys in MX gear. I think leathers are the go but I don't really want to filthy up my good suit, so ill stick to MX for now
  8. Good on you for giving it a go.
    Unfortunately, with the amount of clay and banking now on Speedway tracks there aren't many left that are suitable for bikes. Sidecars can cope with more. Give them a go if you get the chance.

    I grew up watching dirt speedway (and later participating but on 4 wheels) and have seen many of the greats such as Ivan Mauger, Ole Olson, Hans Nielsen, Billy Sanders, Phil Crump etc. Totally awesome!!!
    Next step is grab hold of a Jawa and let it rock.

    You've discovered the characteristics of such tracks that still baffles riders and drivers. They track can change not only over the course of a meeting but even during a heat or race. The art or science of how they change is still baffling.

    Tracks will rut but that's usually caused by 4 wheels. In the early days of less clay and banking they would run Bikes, Sidecars and F500's early on to try and prevent them.

    I still reckon Speedway (in many of its forms) is the best spectator Motorsport there is. Would kill to get to some decent Bike and Sidecar meets around my way.
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  9. The first time I experienced sliding a bike was my old XT500 at the now long gone Jillaby MX track.It was just so much fun,even laying it down after going to far was fun.BTW that tyre looks like the Perelli MT43 Radial trials tyre I have on the back of mine,cop a lot of flack about using Gay rubber but there grip level is Fantastic.Ruts are scary,but they are there for a reason and are useful,you just have to leap in.Same with Moguls in skiing,hard to avoid the unavoidable.
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  10. reminds me of Rossi's ranch - looks like fun!

  11. Full face helmet also isn't a bad idea. I'm not sure how it was for you but for me it was a humbling experience going from a competent EC track rider to an almost upright and novice Nepean rider!

    Good luck with it!
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  12. flat track is a shit ton of fun, cheap fast sideways close racing. what more do you need.

    i took both my leathers, ideally you'd wear mx gear but with something to stop the stinging of the roost because it hurts like fcuk! especially on your face after they've watered the track. leathers are a bit restrictive i found. maybe less pies would help.


    the roost basically sandblasts your bike, so taping up a few things is a good idea.

    if you're in melb come out to broadford with the harley club of victoria, really well run club and you get so much time on the bike!! just get your dirt bike, the club has some used rear tyres that you can use and get out there!!
  13. I was wondering if this was run anywhere in Victoria, thanks for that. Might drop in for a look one day.
  14. I think that's what the appeal of dirt for me is in general - the fact that I suck at it. I've spent lots of time trying to master my trade on Tarmac and I'm a long way from mastering it but I'm very confident in what I'm doing. Dirt is taking it to a new level which will make me a much better rider all round. Already it's taught me more than I could believe and I haven't touched the edges. I'm trying to sample as many disciplines of dirt as possible so I can see what its like and decide which areas to focus on. So far I've tried fire trails, single trail, basic enduro, motorcross, supermoto (road only, track day when I get some acceptable suspension) and now flat track. Next plan is to hit up Stockton sand dunes. It's good to have so many options that's why I bought the KTM it's a pretty versatile bike, it can't hack MX I won't be taking it back there but it seems ok at everything else. I have a 125 for MX but I killed it before I got to the track :(

    Thanks for the info/tips Jimmy
    Flat track is definitely something I can see myself doing alot more of. I think I'll try wearing my leathers with MX boots next time, I'll just wear a jersey over the top to try and keep some of the shit off it.
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  15. Some of those might run Bikes for practice but hardly any would be really suitable by the track surface and classes they run.
    Olympic Park Speedway would be an exception.
    Old showgrounds used to be the norm.

    As an aside, Speedway with Bikes is claimed to have started in Australia. Some argue otherwise. A guy by the name of "Johnnie" Hoskins saw some dudes riding around on Bikes in the dirt and organised a meeting at East Maitland at the Showground which is claimed to be the first. He took the promotion to Sydney then Perth and then to the UK.

    Pics attached are of what is claimed to be the earliest photo at Maitland and of the plaque at the showground. maitlandspeedway. Maitland_46-2.
  16. If all goes to plan I'll be going back this Saturday for race practice day w00t
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  17. Looks like heaps of fun. Nepean is supposed to be a great club!