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Flat Tire

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by BIG_BOZO, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Got a rear flat tire in the first 60km on my new bike riding it on my first day to work today :evil: . Not wanting to leave it on the side of the road, I had it picked up by bike carrier.

    NRMA premium covers bikes where as the cheaper (standard) doesn't.

    The tire is now being repaired :LOL:

    Just wondering what you have done in the same situation, considering I have never had a flat before,

  2. RACV has a seperate policy down here for bikes. Costs the same as a car. Pretty sure it is a standard cover. (Basic)
  3. Get yourself a rubber rope puncture kit and a small bicycle pump, it will get you going again next time. And carrying this equipment guarantees neevr having a flat again!
    By the way, it's TYRE in Australia.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. and it is made in China, or USA ok?
    It is TYRE in United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland too.. Do you know why, or are you just Alan Jones cas?

    "Tire is the older spelling, but both were used in the 15th and 16th centuries (for a metal tire); tire became the settled spelling in the 17th century but tyre was revived in the UK in the 19th century for pneumatic tyres, possibly because it was used in some patent documents, though many continued to use tire for the iron variety. The Times newspaper was still using tire as late as 1905."

    Even if you do it unintentionally, it is at least rude to point out someone’s differences in sexual preference, place of birth, income, religion, physical disabilities etc..
  5. Scooter rider, enough said.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. One more in the bag to blame for riding a scooter, political correctness..!!!
    What else will the ton drivers come with? :grin:
  7. I would've found a way to pump it up some how (if the petro stations not too far) and see the rate the air is leaking.

    And if i can make it home with a couple of "air stops" then i will (and this has happened to me before).
  8. SO tell me, what have YOU offered up in the thread? Please tell me how I was politically incorrect pointing out the CORRECT AUSTRALIAN SPELLING of tyre? I think you're just one of these people who wander through life not trying to offend anyone at all ever, and in doing so, end up with nothing useful to say.
    Some of us are a little annoyed about the Americanisation of our culture, and American spelling is just one part of it.
    Have you ever fixed a flat TYRE on a bike? No, I guess you call roadside assisst for fear of getting your hands dirty? I have, and that is why I suggested the tyre repair kit etc.
    You need to go easy on the lattes mate...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. My first month on a 50cc, went through Parramatta on a Saturday morning, got a flat tyre from some broken beer bottle from Friday night. Pushed it all the way to that shop at parkes and church. They couldn't take the back wheel off, so i pushed it again to bikebiz, after 2 hour wait and $75 (I think) i was ready to scoot again... Bad Luck is bad luck.
  10. Andrew mate,
    I was cought some years back using an expression (j*w) that i thought it was ok to use, until someone got offended and pointed it out to me. I was shocked to realise that i was actually discriminate against a group of people, unintentionally. After that, i try to be fair when i speak to all, and point out to those who don't. This is a language issue, not a Country one. It is British English against the American English. I felt that i read a "this is australia maaaaaate" comment... If i was wrong, i apologize (lol) to everything except from the fact that scooters are cooool...
  11. Well it would seem in my haste and frustration to ask this question I typed tyre in correctly, didn't want to have everyone going on about it though lol.

    I had the bike taken home not wanting to leave in in a bush land area on Heathcote road 8km either direction for a servo, the tire deflated within a km as the bike became loose in the rear end.

    I checked the rear tire found a hole in the center of the tyre so there was no chance of re-inflating it.


    When I got the bike home I even got my hands dirty removed the rear wheel and took it to a shop and had it repaired.

    Thanks for the ideas on the repair kit and tire repair can.
  12. I think you did the right thing, you got to sleep easily that night knowing your bike was safe. I also use one of those push-a-rubber-stopper-in-the-hole-and-glue-it type kits, although I've got to admit to only carrying it on long touring trips.

    95% of punctures on MC are to the back tyre.

    about 75%-85% of those happen on building sites or to worn tyres, because a worn tyre is a lot thinner and easier to puncture.