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Flat strip developing around the middle of the tyre

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by icestorm, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. After my run from Moree to the Oxley highway a couple of weeks ago i have noticed a flat strip developing around the middle of the tyre.
    Most likely because most of the road to and back is pretty much straight road.
    So now when im cornering i can feel when it gets to the edge of the flat spot and the bike feels like it drops over as i go past the edge to the normal curved part of the tyre.
    Is this normal or something to worry about? if so how do i get rid of it?

  2. Do lots of curvy roads for a while and maybe inflate a few psi over what you have currently.
  3. Guess i will have to make my own corners because where i live theres only 1 road with corners that are not at an intersection
  4. Do some doughnuts.
  5. ha ha, you have a square tire.
    yeah it's normal.,
    mines square too., but it's a cheap piece of crap dunlop so i don't care... i will buy nice tires for summer :)
    you can buy dual or tri compound tires that wear better on longer straight line riding.
    you don't have to match front and back tires, could fit a touring tire to the rear.
  6. haha, yep just enjoy ripping the thing to pieces and then buy a new one.
  7. Yeah its the tires that came on the bike dunlops
  8. Buy Avon SM Mk2s. They come pre-squared from the factory :D.
  9. On the slabs, nothing you can do about it other than ride to some where there are twisties.
  10. Yep, we all get it, mostly from commuting on good tyres. Bit of a waste, really.
  11. If it is squared off enough for you to be able to feel it, then I would replace it.

    That hi spot you feel as the tyre roles over it, when you corner, is a point where the contact patch is reduced a fair amount...and since we rely on a pretty small area of contact with the road in the first place, you are taking a risk with grip.

    If you want to hold onto the tyres for a bit longer then Smee's advice should help you milk out a little more mileage from them.

    If both tyres have the same K's on them, then your front should be checked. Stand in front of the bike and look verticly down from over the tyre, and look at the profile. Try to spot by the shape of the tyre, whether the centre-point has moved off top dead centre...If it has...it's stuffed.
  12. It's normal for all tyres to square off, if most of the riding is flat top. Obviously, the softer the tyre, the quicker it occurs.

    If you are able ride around the issue and it doesn't bother you, then that's your choice- just be mindful of the reduced grip at that high spot, so you aren't surprised if it loses grip on you. Especially in the wet.
  13. Failpost. Ignore.
  14. This

    Check your tyre often, you will notice over time that they are getting flatter once you start to feel it on corners turning will be heavier and you may get a point where it's harder to push past in terms of lean angle, start shopping for a new tyre.
    I left my last tyre a little longer then I should have and when I did a wet ride there was quite an unstable point of lean when entering corners because the tyre had lost shape.
  15. I've got the same problem with my roadsmarts.
    Not enough twisties. So I've been doing burnouts, holding the bike at a certain angle where I think the squared part meets the round parts and let'er rip LOL
    I quite like the smell of burnt rubber now.
    I've done well over 10 000kms and its past the wear indicators.
  16. As some of the others have said if you notice it when riding seriously think about getting a new tyre as soon as you can.

    If you let it square off too much it can become very off putting, if not dangerous, when you start to corner and the bike suddenly goes over 'the lip' and on to the rest of the tyre (if you know what I mean).
  17. Man, I saw the best squared-off tyres ever on the freeway, yesterday. Relatively new Ninja 250R with square, and I mean SQUARE tyres. My car's 205/50/15s had more curvature. The Bat-Pod from The Dark Knight has rounder tyres.

    Monster 1-2" chickenstrips, too.

    I tip my hat to you, anonymous Ninja 250R commuter! Can't imagine how scary that bike must feel at tip-in. :)
  18. When in doubt talk to you tyre guy.