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Flat slide carbs on a Ducati

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 92_Ducati_900_SS, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. OMG!!! YES YES YES !!! That'll be crazy!

  2. WTF?!?! NO !!! DONT DO IT!!! Are you crazy?!?!

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  1. Ive just had idea's thrown at me about putting a set of Flat slide carbs on the '92 Dicati 900. Some say yeah, some say nah.

    Whats peoples here advice or opinion about putting this on the bike?
    How much HP/Torque would it give me aprox?

    Is it worth it?

    Will it add value/ devalue the bike?

    Will it be imposible to ride in slow traffic?

    Theories and ideas always SOUND good...but i gues im wondering if anyone has any real practical experience in this matter.
    Thanks for your help guys.
  2. I can only say that Vee Two engineering who did all the mods on my 89' 900SS said no. Vee Two are world renown Ducati tuners, and builders of the 200HP Super Squalo. They say that flatslides do not really suit a 'V' twin for road use, as they only work well at higher revs and are very 'lumpy' low down. My bike is fitted with larger (41mm) Mikunis than standard. With these and the Vee Two cams it is significantly quicker than late model 900SS's but still totally smooth and docile in traffic.

  3. Awwww... :-(

    I need to vote to see the score/outcome of the poll as it happens.

    Could people please tell me the scores? cos i dont want to taint the results with my undecided vote JUST yet...

    he he he
  4. Well, including those last two votes...

    There's 2 votes for "no." :)
  5. i said YES, but im not clue-ey about this stuff... im all up for sick mods like that, and i love V-twins! if it doesnt work for you, then you can convert back to normal... i dont know what youre budget is, but y not have a crack? Its something different....
  6. I would say yes -do it. My 625cc KTM runs a Keihn 41mm flatslide & the throttle response has to be felt to be believed. My brothers 640 KTM has the Mikuni cv carb & feels soft & doughy in comparison. I can't see why a twin would suffer any worse than a big cc single with the change. Anyone who has upgraded to a flatslide from a cv has always raved about them.