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flat front tyre

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by snookmz, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Funny/scary story. About three weeks ago I purchased a Kawasaki ZZR 250' 99 model. Anyway, while riding at slow speed I felt like it was an absolute pig to steer, but once I got to speed up it started to behave better. A couple of days ago I noticed the tyre looked a little flat, so I stopped into Servo to check the tyre pressure and the reading I got was 0 psi. I thought for sure that the meter must have been wrong, because although it looked a little flat it did not look totally flat. By that I mean, if you have a flat tyre on a car it completely bottoms out on the rim and bulges out the side, this looked like it was a little flat but I am also not really sure what it is meant to look like as I am a complete beginner.

    So, I booked in for a service and the mechanic gave me a ring and asked if I knew that the front tyre was completely flat. I said 'no' and gave the go-ahead to replace the tyre. Anyway, the penny dropped and I realise I have been riding around with a flat front. The fact that it was a pig at slow speed, and wobbly around corners, suddenly made a whole lot of sense!

    I picked up the bike this afternoon, and wow what a difference! It is easy to drive at slow speed, it feels very light and goes exactly where I point it. I feel like a bit of a tool! I rode that bike at night in the wet with a flat front tyre, amazing I didn't come off.
  2. The bloke I bought my FJ1200 from (which weighs around 270kg) told me that he just didn't 'get' road riding. He was going back to trail bikes.

    I've often wondered if he just didn't 'get' it because both tyres were balding and running at about 10PSI when I picked it up. New rubber and set at the right pressures for this bike (F34 R40) makes an utter world of difference.

    No comment for the OP as this is a flame free zone :p

    Nah, just kidding, glad you're okay and didn't come off. Make sure you remember the indicators of a low-pressure tyre - ignore them at your peril!

    What caused the flat on your old front? Tyre may have been pluggable... although there are people in the For and Against camp of motorcycle tyre repair (apart from in emergencies). Anyway, glad you're all fixed up now!
  3. I agree, makes an absolute world of difference. Night and day! I felt like I was riding a whole new bike, it took off quicker, was more responsive, and I felt so much more confident.

    Apparently it was a crack down the side and wasn't repairable.
  4. If the crack was from damaged rubber (maybe something to do with excessive standing in hot summer sun + age or something), do yourself a favour and remember to run a hand and an eye around your tyres every so often! A quick visual can make a lot of difference to your safety!

    (I'm not too much of a hypocrite, I do this whenever I lube the chain but don't always check the front. I really should.)