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Flat/failing tyres?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Grunge, May 29, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I need some help with regards to my tyres on my week old 89 zxr250.

    On Sunday, I was riding from Kew back Knox where I lived, and I went to the petrol station to check the pressure about 5 minutes from home.

    When I checked it, I was a little surprised as it had indicated that the pressure was at 20 PSI or so (forgot the exact number) for both tyres.

    I put it up to 41PSI, and off I went.

    At about 10pmish, I went out to check the tyres using my dad's old (we're talking about 7years old) pressure checker.
    The back read 21PSI, the front read 26PSI.

    WTF? They're both tubeless tyres I think...
    When I get home from work, I'll pop by the petrol station and check the pressure, as well as use the old pressure checker to check that they're all 100%.

    My question is, what do I do if they're not, coz clearly it would seem like it is leaking.
    What should I first do, knowing that I don't know anything about bikes. Can I just take it to any tyre place?
    I think Vic Mentioned a place near the knox mall, on Stud road, Phil Tainton if i'm correct. Do just take it there?
    Any advice anyone?

    Bearing in mind that I got the bike 2 Sundays ago through a private sale and it came with RWC, I mean.. if it was flattening, shouldn't it be checked out? And can I hold the RWC person responsible for this?

    Thanks in advance! (^_^)
  2. Most servo air pressure gauges are shithouse. A tyre shop will have an accurate gauge.

    If you've got a slow leak it's not necessarily the end of the tyres - but don't fix them yourself unless you know your stuff, take them to a tyre shop where they can be fixed properly and pretty cheaply.

    Oh and don't use that spray goo you find in servos - it works short term but roots the tyres.
  3. Can I just go to any tyre shop? Like Beaurepairs? There's one nearby... that's all. :]
  4. Any help anyone?
  5. Also don't forget to take into consideration that the trye pressure will read different when the tyres are hot from when you take the reading if they are cold.
  6. If your near the city go to Bob Jane on(Elizabeth st i think??) they have a section which specialises in motorcycle tyres and the guy who works there is pretty cool and knows his stuff.

    Check the pressure in the morning before you ride off, You can buy a digital tyre pressure gauge for $10 from kmart which has been accurate for me so far.
  7. You'll need a place that does motorcycle tyres. Dunno what's out your way. If you're close to PTR, give them a ring and ask what else is in the area.

    ...then again, I've never had a phone call actually answered by PTR. :roll:
  8. Hmmm... I live very very close to PTR... so what I'll do is I might visit them myself and ask for advice.
  9. Just got back from checking the tyres and it doesn't make sense.

    1) Went to the local servo's to pump it up, this servo had one of those automatic machines.
    Everytime I put it back in after I pump it up it goes to about 38 or so PSI (For the back wheel, and same for front)

    2) Went to another servo and they had one of those manual ones where you press to pump. Admittedly, it didn't seem to be working well, but in any case, I put it through and the same phenomenon appears, just less accurate because it goes all over the place...

    I'm sure that if my tyres were dead/flat, I'd have known it already, not too sure what my next step would be maybe call PTR and see what happens...

    But it just seems like there's something I've missed... someone at work said it might be the valve, but they're not 100% coz they just said that if it was a car, they'd guess the valve.... Hmmmm.
  10. if you want tyres try pablo's sort of near cnr of springvale road and fern tree gully road (in rosemarys court melref 71 b9) ph 9561 5522

    phill doesnt keep tyres in stock, pablos is a m/c tyre specialist
  11. Could be the valve - but probably more likely that there just isn't a good enough seal between the tyre and the rim (tyres weren't put on properly or the rim may be damaged).
  12. Hey all,
    I have found the best places to check tyre pressure to be
    either a 7-11 servo or Shell, (in Brisbane)
    both places have the digital readout type tyre pressure setups,
    a lot easier to get onto the valve with a big pair of disc brakes in the way as well.
    I check mine weekly at the same place near home,
    have not had any issues,
  13. Dont trust the servo meters at all.
    You can get little digital gauges at d!cksmith and jaycar for around $20
    Carry one with you.
  14. Well, I ended up doing a couple of things:
    Got a digital gauge from Kmart, $20 but didn't open it... seemed too big to fit through the wheel... I'll refund it and get one with the dial gauge, seems easier to use.

    I also sprayed some soapy water on the valves, and the rims, still nothing.

    Called PTR, but they said they didn't have their tyre machine, it's at a race.... so went off to Floyd Parkes, where they took a look at the front, said it had no problems. Looked at the back, it was FLAT.
    Took a look at the tyre and noticed that there was a patch where it was fixed, and the guy reckon it wasn't done properly. Spray it with water and waddayaknow, making noises, so he got to re-do the tyre patch. $50.

    When they were done, I took it back to same petrol station and checked the pressure, and it was exactly the same. Problem solved.
  15. Will Keep that in mind thanks dude!