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Flat cat.... maybe

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by blaringmike, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Attempt to swerve

  2. Hit the brakes and the cat

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  1. Hey all,

    Coming home from a mates place the other day in my car had a cat run out in front of me. Came out of a bush and didnt really give me a lot of time to do much, so instinctly I braked hard and swerved. Not sure if i hit it or not but there was a thud, although no cat left on the road so might have only clipped it. :nopity:

    Anyway my question being... If this happened on a bike what would you do? Would hitting the cat be likely to make you come off?
  2. hit the brake and swerve?
  3. [​IMG]

    oookay so im clearly not the biggest fan of cats :p :LOL:

    i think i'd swerve if i thought i had a chance of missing it, otherwise probably brake n hope for the best. u suppose it'd just be like going over an inverted pothole (why didnt i think of the word 'bump' before i wrote that?), while if you swerved and still clipped it while on an angle, your chanced of stacking would probably be higher.

    bugger it, cats should be kept inside. wheres the twist the wrist option? :LOL:
  4. Since we're talking about bikes specifically here, won't hitting the brakes/and or swerving most likely result in you crashing if you hit whatever you're trying to avoid as this puts the weight on the front? If it's so close that you're probably going to hit isn't it better to accelerate (lighter front), that way you may go over whatever is in front of you? For this reason, as much as I love animals, if something pops out directly in front of me so close that I am going to hit I think it's best to accelerate.
  5. I've tested this on a pushbike, and the answer is yes.

    On a motorbike I've only ever run over a rabbit, and no crash ensued.

    I'm working on getting more data for a full stats analysis, but those bloody cats are pretty quick on their feet.
  6. hit the cat and just keep riding :) BBQ anyone ?
  7. Not a big fan of cats, but still would do my best not to hurt one.
  8. If you try to avoid and you hit the animal, there is a fair chance that you will come off as the front wheel is blocked (locked or stopped). No, bugger that, if you are leaned more than a fraction and you hit an animal that size, you will come off. Your only real course of action is to brake firmly if it is a fair way away (and hope it gets out of the way for you) or setup to ride over it if it is very close (and hope it gets out of the way for you). Accidents caused by trying to avoid animals are still your fault. Trying to avoid an animal smaller than a cow, deer or kangaroo will just cause problems for you. Hitting a bigger animal has consequences that make the avoid options much more appealing.

    *musing again*
    mind you, it took a fair bit of work to get over a wombat though! Jeez, them bastards get move fast!
  9. I once rode through some road kill down in country Vic while traveling back home to Sydney. The road kill got on the hot exhaust pipes. Guess what I smelt thr rest of the way home? Cooking off flesh. Not nice at all.

    So yes I get out of the way of any road kill I can.
  10. Small animals, arent worth the risk of binning it. Rabbits, Cats/Small Dogs/Possums etc

    Roo's, Wombats, Cows, Horses, Deer, Pedestrians, ok you get the idea. if you hit them, your coming off anyway, so you may as well TRY and avoid them.. MY experience has always been to swerve in the direction the animal CAME from. MOST of the time, they wont do an about face and turn back..

    Except for those kamikaze roo's.

    Ive hit a rabbit with my bike and didnt even touch the brakes. They're soft little critturs
  11. If you're on the bike and cat runs in front of you, should there be the slightest chance you might be able to swerve around it, feel free to stick your boot out so the cat doesn't get away! :twisted:
  12. I was doing about 100kmh one very dark evening, somewhere west of Wauchope, with a mate on the back and as we tipped into a nice left hand turn a f@c$ing major kangaroo jumped out in front of us.

    I didnt have any time to think about what i should do... I think i just gave the left bar a firm push and hit the brakes at the same time. Ended up clipping its massive freakin tail. We pulled up in the middle of the road and just sat there, not knowing what the hell just happened or more accurately, how we survived.

    I dont think, in a situation where you and the animal are in instant danger, there is time to "think". I believe it is where instict takes over and hopefully the right moves ensue.

    My thoughts anyway....
  13. just hit the cat. i dont know if i'd touch the brakes.
  14. funny enough, two nights ago coming back from my ex's i took the long way home through some back streets, doing about 50 or so, a possum jumps out.

    The little bugger paused so i covered my brakes and eased of the gas but thought it would be ok.

    It must have been feeling suicidal, it started to dart across the road and on came my brakes.

    I thought for a second about swerving but with brakes on, hell no!

    Plus the little punk seemed to change his mind and slow down or speed up, i donno, happened so fast, we were both unsure of each other.

    Either way, i kept it upright, didnt skid but didnt really stop in time, he copt a bit of the front tire but only at about 5kmph, enough to knock him sideways and make him run up the nearest tree.

    Gave me a hell of a fright and showed just how easily these things can happen and how un predictable these things are.