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Flat battery, is charing possible?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by moforila, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. I have a hyosung GT250R, Its about 8 months old and the battery has gone flat from not being ridden about a 3 weeks.

    I can't run start the bike, that best I managed was a slight turn of the engine no were near enough to get it started.

    I thought about jump starting it, but my cables are a bit broken. While trying to repair the jumper cables I found a car battery charing thing.

    I checked the spec's in the user manual and it seems to be ok for 12V with 7Ah- 120Ah, the YTX14-BS battery in the hyosung is a 12V/12Ah.

    It does however say to charge only Lead Acid battery's, Are these lead acid?

    I also spoke to my dad about this, and he said the battery should have holes where water can be added and which will allow gas to escape when its being charged.

    It me it seems the battery is sealed, and says "DO NOT OPEN".

    Does anyone know if these battery's can be charged?
  2. Yes, of course it can. remove it from your bike first.
  3. Ok, its out of the bike and is being charged atm. How long should it take?
  4. Whenever mine is flat I charge it around 2-3hrs. Then again I've got a dodgy old charger. The new ones should fully charge in an hour I believe?
  5. Almost certainly the battery will be chargeable by your device, but DO NOT LEAVE IT ON FOR TOO LONG!!!
    An hour would probably give you enough kick to get going, and three hours maximum for such a small battery.
    (Some chargers will switch to trickle when close to fully charged, but it doesn't sound like you know this for sure).
    And yes, take it out of the bike to do it.
  6. They are a Yuasa battery so should be OK once charged. But sometimes they never come back to life.