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FLAT BATTERY.... "i turned it off 4 you"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ratbag, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. Was off to work this morning 6:15 am, got all the gear on , go to start the bike and it's dead flat.
    a lil angry i go back inside to inform the wife of the situation.
    To which i get a reply, "oh yeah, i noticed the headlight on a few hours after you had gotten home and turned it off for you"
    "well gee thnx alot for that, if you had told me i could have charged the bloody thing over night"

    i would have thought it obvious that the bike should have been tested to see if it would start, but no, she thought turning it off was a big help, she may as well just left it on as the outcome would have been to same.

    "women, cant live with em, cant kill em"

    current statis, battery out and charging, text work and got a reply from "NODZ" "mate you couldn't give that bike away, shouldn't have bought a Suzuki :) "

    ok, so the gearbox got stuck in 3rd a few months back and had a dry joint in a connector for the low beam, but it still pulls 150 in 1st, that's all the matters :p ok....... when it's running that is :oops:
  2. Oh dear... well that will teach you to marry a chick who doesn't rides a bike..

    I would have started it! :p :D
  3. Many women give little thought to mechanical/electrical matters, in the same way you probably give little thought to doing the dishes, vacuuming and cleaning and cooking dinner (for examples). Rather than blame her for your fcuk-up, remember you are the dumbarse who left your lights on in the first place. :)
  4. Then you would have needed to test ride it just to make sure hey!
  5. Re: FLAT BATTERY.... "i turned it off 4 you&quo

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Ratty, Ratty, Ratty, perfect excuse and perfect day to get the battery charged up on a quick charger rather than a trickle charger and go for a fang...:LOL:
    Beats working here any day...
  7. How the hell do you bump start a EFI bike? I sure as hell couldn't the day the RR packed it in and killed the battery. I ended up starting it off the car battery.
  8. yeah, but i was distracted as soon as i had gotten the bike in the garage, BY THE WIFE to help her with a new fridge.

    dont think ive ever stopped my bike without turning the key to off position b4.

    so i still blame the wife :p

    and Marty, ive tried pulling the Lo Beam fuse out to get it push started without it on, this thing is dead-dead-dead i tell you.

    Nodz, yes, i should be out riding on a day like this, but i know you'll get by without me there working my arse off per usuall :wink:

    Deyago , i may have the same prob starting as you with the gixxer being EFI, it certainly doesnt want to fire up :(
  9. Re: FLAT BATTERY.... "i turned it off 4 you&quo

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Efi or not...the flatter the battery, the more mates are needed to push or the longer the downhill run has to be. :D :D
    What's a real biatch is bump-starting a 650 single. Check out the fresh road-markings afterwards.. :LOL: :LOL:
  11. St00pid question re bump-starting: what's the point of the "bump"?

    I mean, you're pushing the bike and letting the clutch out when you've got the thing moving as fast as you can manage - that should get it started. Is there any reason to also "bump" your weight onto the seat? It's probably not going to make any discernable difference to rear-wheel traction unless you're trying this exercise on ice...

    Any thoughts?
  12. think i need to buy Jane Fonda's workout video, boy am i out of shape.....
    well i dont look out of shape, but, well it's lil things like this that really pull you inline.

    i think i like bikes better when you dont need to push'em

    just rang a mate that works nightshift, well woke him actually. he wasn't impressed :D ah you gotta luv it when mates ring up 4 help :p
    lol, he couldn't tell who i was for awhile there, i was that out of breath :LOL:
  13. I remember doing this on my XR75 and sometimes if I didn't bump it, the wheel would just skid. :(
  14. i dont think i would like to let a clutch out while running along side a bike, you'd end up being dragged along once it kicked into life, you really need to throw ya leg over b4 you engage the clutch.
  15. Ratty, do you have a spare car or another battery around? you can kick the bike into life with that as I did once or twice, be careful though, don't start the car as the extra charge may fry your electrics.
  16. Ever tried to bump-start a 650 single? :LOL: :LOL:
    No "bump" equals skidding rear-end ONLY !!
    It's all down to technique...the running and jumping-on juuuust before letting out the clutch in 3rd or 4th gear.
  17. Sure, you'd want to get on the thing! But you see people really banging their weight down on the seat, rather than simply hopping on. I could never work out what that was meant to achieve that pushing the bike and letting the clutch out wouldn't. Sounds like you should have your weight on the bike when you let the clutch out, but there's nothing to be gained by "bumping" as such.
  18. wife went to work in the car, i thought it would be charged in a couple of hours, but it must have been dead flat.
    pushing starting has just worn me out, got onto my sister, she is coming over with her car.

    thnx for the tip "deyago" on not having the car running as i normally leave a car running if i'm jumping to another car.

    cheers > 1 stuffed rat
  19. When I was a younger lad and weighed no more than 55kgs, trust me I had to slam down as hard as I could to get some extra traction on the rear wheel (the GT250 had a kick start but that much compression it was hard at time to kick it over, not to mention it was on the lhs!!)
  20. 1 stuffed 5kg lighter rat? (from sweat)