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Flat Bars

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Kurtis_Strange, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Just got back from a decent 120k ride, went down south to Stanwell Park look out through the forest etc.

    Had a great ride but my wrists and fingers are a bit sore...I've only been on the bike since last Monday so need to give myself time to adjust I think, but the bike has been fitted with flat bars.

    These bars don't allow alot of bend at the elbow so I do fine my weight is leaning forward at times but I can transfer it by gripping the tank with my knees or pushing down with my feet.

    The guy who I bought it off preferred them and reckons it makes cornering alot easier. I do like the look of them but am wondering if the original bars (which I have) would be more comfortable?

    So just wondering, is there any consensus on flat bars compared to the standard bars with the U shape?
  2. If you're unhappy with the bars just take the bike into a parts place - there's a pretty big range of aftermarket bars available in all sorts of shapes. It's your bike now so if you don't like the bars the previous owner fitted, change them.
  3. Go back to the stock ones, it'll feel like a brand new bike, I have the same problem. You'll find that you will be able to ride the way you should as opposed to the way the bike wants you to.
  4. So was yours fitted with flat bars too?
  5. I sat on one at the expo and was surprised by the comfortable position. If it was my bike I'd be sticking with the original. People come in all shapes and sizes though so you might be different but if you sit go to a dealer and sit on an unmodified bike you'll soon find out if you like the original bars without even lifting a spanner. :)
  6. well thats the thing, I DID take one with standard bars for a ride and found it very comfortable...

    call me stoopid but I was just wondering if there was any advantage in havin flatbars and if I should be keeping them on...

    The last owner was a lot shorter and stockier than me with big wrists which might be why he preferred them I guess.
  7. I fitted them after I had a fight with an oncoming campervan and bent the originals (campervan 1 Foxy 0).......

    I fitted them to put more weight over the front as the bike likes to stand up on one wheel which is no fun around corners....

    It worked well for that but at the sacrifice of counter steering ability.

    Basically you have the same bike as mine, if cost is a concern go to a wreckers, you can pick up almost identical bars to the stock ones for around $40. The only thing is you will have to drill out holes for the control boxes. But you will find that your cornering ability will improve.

    They do look cool though...but you have to ask yourself at what cost???
  8. I can't see any advantage if you don't like them. :wink:

    There's no point having a bike you're not comfortable on and don't like riding. You ride for enjoyment so I'd reckon that would take priority. :grin:
  9. yeah I thought I'd give them a go coz they look the biz, but after a few good rides and chatting here about it I'm probably gonna change them.

    I have the orginal bars but I've just looked at them and they're scratched up pretty bad.

    Whats a new set worth from a dealer, any idea?
  10. Got the stock bars put back on today...the grips aren't the original so there's a big ugly gap but I have the originals on order so it will look completely stock soon.

    After a short amount of riding I think I prefer these bars...the difference is you feel more like your on a cruiser with the stock bars whereas the flat bars make it feel more like a race bike.

    Cornering seems easier and more fun with the stock bars and for some reason I can manage the switches and levers easier too.

    Wind exposure seems a bit more though.