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Flashing your lights

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gofish, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. When radar guns & the like first came out everyone used to flash their lights to warn other drivers. Now we have more than ever before & it seems to me that not too many people are doing it any more...or is it my imagination? If everyone did it I think there would be a lot less fines. Just my 2c.

  2. most people probably can't be bothered flashing their lights. I know I cbf about it.
  3. I do it.

    And I do the whirly-bird signal to bikes.

    I do everything within my power to warn people so they do not get caught for speeding.
  4. if u run into a cop on a bad day they can fine you if they catch you warning other drivers/riders

    kinda bs but they like to pull things out of their arse
  5. The best I have seen when out on my bike was a postie coming towards me miming a camera. It took me a sec to realise what he was on about and then it clicked. He got the thumbs up in reply. Nice guy. :cool:
  6. You sir are a legend!

    That whirly-bird signal has saved my arse so many times in the natio and putty runs I couldnt even try to count!
  7. haha me and two mates (posties at the time) sat up the road near Cowan on the old road and stood and waved bikes to slow down etc, wearing all our reflective gear, just over the crest and around the corner from where the cops were doing a big blitz on bikes...

    worked so well some guys came back and joined us!
  8. haha good stuff
  9. I do it whenever I can, I love it when people do it for me, it gives me reassurance in the human race. It's hilarious when heaps of people do it as well, the other day I had about 5 people flash their lights at me on the F3 heading towards Sydney, and sure as day there was a piggy hiding behind the barrier. Very satisfying.
  10. My favourite is when they sit on those truck run off ramps on the F3, now my understanding is these were for trucks that couldnt stop or brake in time...maybe they should 'not' be able to brake in time when there is Mr Plod blocking one off..

    Yeh and one more thing, isnt it illegal for them to 'hide'? I know for fact it is illegal for them to be on the road with no reflective vest on..
  11. there's one spot on alfords point bridge where i'd LOVE to flash people and warn them, only they are going the same direction as me!

    since they built a new bridge there's a great little hidey hole for the HWP - catching people as they come down a big hill in an 80 zone, i have to brake then kick it down a gear to stay on 80 on that section

    almost every time i see them they are pulling out to nab someone
  12. +1
    amen to that :)
  13. Is the whirly-bird like holding your arm out and rotating your wrist 360 degrees a few times?
  14. I still do it but I look around before doing it, after getting 3 tickets for doing it once just because I got my low high beam mixed up. So it has slowed me down a little.

    But it will get to a stage where we can just put a strobe light out in front.
  15. Pretty sure its above your head
  16. usually when i see the cops they're on the move, should i only do it when they're stationary or what?
  17. when u see a parked speed camera car or popo on the side of the road.
  18. +9000

    I'm concerned that the 'speed kills fluffy animals' propaganda may be reaching the darkest recesses of the general population's psyche. I fear that there are people out there who revel in the fact that they could've flashed but instead laughed maniacally while dreaming of how the 'hoon' deserved everything they got.
  19. i ALWAYS signal to bikes that there are cops or cameras up ahead, but i use discretion about cars,

    Fully sicks don't get a warning.. everyone else does.

    most of the time i just flash lights but sometimes i do the "Slow down" signal, like tapping a dog on the head .
  20. at night several years ago i let someone coming the other way know there was cops parked down the road. They turned out to be an unmarked car who did a u turn, pulled me over and fined me for 'failure to dip my high beam'. I put it to them i did dip it, just after i lit it up but you can guess how far that got me.

    These days I only warn bikes or a car driver who may have demonstrated some awareness towards my existence.