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flashing red & blue lights :-(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Black Betty, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Is what I saw when I looked in my mirrors :(
    WTF! What am I doing wrong.

    I'm out on a country road doing 100km -maybe its changed to an 80 zone?
    I'm huddled down 'cos the wind was moving me around - dangerous riding position?
    I've only had the bike 5 days - the transfer papers probably aren't thro yet - maybe they think its stolen?
    Maybe its too noisey (its a Duke after all) but I'm out in the country god damnit!
    This is only my 2nd time out on the bike .........

    They're gaining on me. I'm at the crest on a downhill, I am NOT going to pull over facing downhill with this suicide stand - they are just going to have to wait till I reach level ground.

    The lights are off - but they're on my tail.
    I'm slowing down as I'm changing down gears. 60kmph now. Jeez.

    OK - whats one surposed to do? Take the helmet off - yes - that makes sense. Stay on the bike or get off? I dunno .......

    Finally - level ground & the $%^& just overtake me & keep going :shock:

    OK - fine - I guess - what was that all about - best not to ask one thinks.
    So why did they flash & why did I feel so damn quilty???
  2. they ran out of donuts? :-k
  3. its a test.. if you pulled over they would have cooked up some bull#$it fine over an infringment that didn't happen or just to fill the quota...

    I've had this happen twice.. it get to you. Its usualy some young cop trying to get a couple of extra fines for the book.
  4. The may have been going to the scene of an accident, or Donut King had just taken a fresh batch out of the oven?

  5. They wanted you to slow down, so they could check out your arse?
  6. i've been speeding before and seen the red and blues behind me, gaining fast. i shit myself, pulled over to the left lane and continued on at the speed limit, a few seconds later the buggers flew past me and pulled a screechie into a RH corner..... obviously had more exciting things to do than pull over a motorcyclist :grin:
  7. Am wise to that game :) have a pillion pack on the bike!
  8. They recognised G's bike but once they got close figured it couldn't have been him... lol.... G what have you been up to?? [-X

    Interesting they didn't follow through even with a "routine licence" check... as they did with me on that weekday ride a while back.

    BTW, you should feel guilty though... making a gorgeous noise like that... it's utterly decadent!

  9. Decadent is one of my favourite words :) and guilty doesn't come into it :wink:
  10. Yep that first sight of the red and blues, then the glance at the speedo, nope nothing wrong there, oh well slow down and pull over and they go flashing past, must have had better things to do than annoy another motorcyclist.:):):)
  11. Just the usual. :LOL: