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flashing bicycle leds

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by kungfupigeon, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. hey guys did a few searches but haven't been able to find it anywhere on this forum yet....

    Im thinking of clipping a red flashing led to the back of my collar at night so people see me better... these are the ones used by bicycles... not sure if this is legal in NSW?

    Thoughts? Comments? Rude jokes?

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  3. Flashing bicycle lights are not legal in Victoria.

    they have a police blitz each Winter near Flinders Stret Station grabbing all the cyclists coming in down St Kilda Rd and looking for things like a working "Bell" and non flashing tail lights.

    Personally I haven't got a problem with bicycles having flashing lights BUT motorcycles have alternators which allow for normal tail lights to work
  4. Interesting you say that, I have always wondered about the flashing vs steady light on bicycles because I read it is illegal to have flashing lights on cars and wondered if the rules were the same.

    I never got very far in tracking down an official answer, but this is a direct copy and paste from the Vicroads web site:

    Might go try and find a more specific answer (eg in the actual rules), although I'll probably get side tracked again...
  5. Not sure if it's legal or not, but I reckon you'd be better off with a high vis vest or something.

    If you give it a go, and get booked be sure to post about it so people know for next time...
  6. Here in WA, flashing lights on motor vehicles, apart from indicators, are generally not legal except under fairly tightly controlled circumstances. This would almost certainly apply to a light attached to the rider.

    Bicycles have a specific exemption.

    Realistically, unless you're very slow indeed, a big bright tail light and judicious use of the brake pedal fandango will provide you with all the tail end cover you are likely to need.
  7. i would'nt wear one...i think it's a distraction from your brake light...plus, you don't wan't to be mistaken for a bicycle, because a car tard may not expect a bicycle to accelerate and move through traffic like you do on a motorbike ...you've seen how car tards just swerve around bicycles etc...plus why not just go full faggot while you're at it and wear skin tight licra pants...look you're just not on a bicycle OK.
    high viz vest is an option, but that's leaning towards gayness a bit too...ok if you ride a scooter i guess...but you're not are you hey.

    http://www.webbikeworld.com/r2/riderlight/ < as posted by FALCON-LORD does look pretty cool...but i'd only use it if it lit up when you braked, integrated with the brake light.

    i have one of these, it's like military grade scotch brite...i only use it in poor visibility, like night and raining...but it's impossible to miss (touch wood)...if anyone high-beamed my helmet they'd blind themselves> http://www.reflectivedecals.com/haloebay.htm
  8. If you want to be seen at night wear a night vision safty vest.they have reflective stipes on them.
  9. You also run the risk of landing on it if you crash. I wouldn't want it going into my spine.
  10. You can get bright fluro safety vests off ebay for like $3 (including postage.....) :p
  11. i wear a fluro vest with 3m reflective stripes pretty much day and night (work vest) and it makes zero difference!
  12. +1 to above.

    I sometimes squid to the local shops - inevitably in my high vis work gear as i work damn near every day, and i agree totally with the above.
    Most bike jackets these days come with a few reflective strips on them anyway.