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Flashfire firefling flingflash firefire....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Untame_me, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Flashfire firefling flingflash...

    and those who have "fire" as their handle,

    You guys are confusing me!! :p :p

  2. ummm, sorry?

  3. The roof the roof the roof is on fire......Well I thought about FireFox but that could lead to a law suit :)
  4. I am very tempted to make up a poem or tongue twister......

    But I won't.....

    That'll be fastest way to die than digging my own grave....:p :p
  5. Bad Bloody Luck!!!!!! :p

    I use Fire in my handle as i am a Volunteer Fire Fighter and proud of it.

    If your getting confused, find a brain.

  6. I thought there was another one of you....anyone else?

    FireFlashtheFoxFlinganEagle...... :LOL: :LOL: :p :p

    Can't help it, my brain short circuit all the time.
  7. I use fire in my handle because I moonlight as a fire performer. And, I'm flashy :D
  8. and yaw that brain to differentiate your you'res from your yores.
  9. who cares about that stuff??

    If i was an english teacher i would be concerned, but im not so bugger off.
  10. That's ok....Nev and I are good friends.

    Nev, I will make a public apology for my previous thread, of what I said about you - may have made you look bad, and of what I've said, may have hurt your ego.

    I shouldn't have done the above, and should think twice about your feelings before I post. I'm sorry.
  11. i've never seen the problem with it
  12. <sarcasm>Nah, these 'fire' handles are fine, the one that confuses the hell out of me is why there are so many people with the letters 'VTR' and 'CBR' in their handles.

    Can anyone explain why?</sarcasm>
  13. Roundabout, you were a plain roundabout, the round and roundabout I meant to meet re the synchrotron??

    Since when did you become a firerouandabout????????? What's your reason? :p
  14. Pete,

    Well there's also mat, matt232, matt323, matt123, matt321.

    There's Jase, Jace, Jason, Jas....

    Also mixing up RL and handle....it seems everywhere I read, there's another Jason and Matt.....:p

    Aren't there? Or am I making it up?? :p
  15. I don't normally make a big deal about being a volunteer spelling nazi... :wink: but since you asked.... :D
  16. What the??

  17. I couldn't help it...

    I just wanted to be cool :oops:
  18. Ok, where's the fire?
  19. Be careful,

    Been a handle chameleon has it's downfall, people get confuse and you get less PM.

    I wonder whether I can post as someone else by changing my handle....hhmm....*evil ideas*

    ELLO, I"m Splash, I'm Splash, I'm Splash, I'm Splash
  20. Would you like a personal demonstration on how and why firefling came about?? It's an experience people tend not to forget :twisted: :twisted: