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Flasher unit on the 2006 ZX6R keeps breaking

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by AznCruiser, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hi Netriderz.................Ive replaced my flasher unit on the ZX6R 3 times now, the last one broke a day after installing it, after one good ride.

    Im sure its partly to do with sustained high RPM........but IMO its more to do with half arsed workmanship. I know that Supercheap doesnt stock the best of the best products but always thought that its not cheap ebay quality either................

    Ive gone back again and again to Supercheap because of their exchange policy and because I havent seen any other 2 pin flasher relay around (time constrained).................so, what 2 pin flasher relay do you use and where are you getting them?

    The "Tridon branded" internal wiring really look flimsy to me. One good ride and it shakes itself apart.
  2. Take it in to any jaycar and show them, they should have something that will suit you. Maybe even a solid unit that wont come apart.

    Failing that get a genuine part?
  3. If you're able to get into the internal wiring, maybe you could try filling it up with epoxy resin? Should help to prevent it from shaking itself apart..
  4. I opened up the last one and tried soldering back one of the bits..................got sick and tired of going to supercheap. Anyway that didnt work.

    Ive gone to another small auto store and luckily they one one hidden in the back.......booked beefier. I havent taken it for a long sustain high revving run but im hoping that this one lasts longer.

    Failing this..............ill open it up and fill it with epoxy. Thats a good idea BTW.
  5. problem = supercheap
    it was cheap though.....

    also of note flasher units have a max capacity so if you add additional lights or
    higher watts globes flasher problems can occur.
    electronic components are like oil , and we all know oils aint oils...
    should we start another oil thread ..
    - what would be interesting is did the 3 purchases add up to or exceed the genuine part price? .

    hindsight is pretty easy stuff so ill shut up now.
  6. nope had exchange................lucky I kept the box or the receipt lol. So only had to buy once. Thats why I kept going back.
  7. Do you get globe failures too? If so maybe the system is overcharging and letting the voltage rise too high. Higher voltages can crap out electronics.
  8. No no globe failures. That would be pretty scary.
  9. Exchange , cool now i understand.
  10. Ok probably just cheap construction then. Perhaps speak to the LED shop and see if their models are any better construction.
  11. thanks dude, my new one hasnt broken yet, seems like better quality.......................but if it does them i wouldnt mind trying the one on your link, it looks pretty sturdy..................Supercheap has a similar one for in their motorcycle section but their one is a three pin............