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Flasher reminder

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jawntybull, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. After following another bike down from Wisemans last week, watching his indicator blink for about 30 mins, I got to wondering...

    Given the consequences of leaving your indicators on (cagers pulling out in front of you thinking you're turning)....

    Why don't bike manufacturers design an auto off for indicators? Perhaps a better question is - has anyone installed a simple device that puts the flashing warning up at eye level, for example wiring in an LED that you can put up at the top of your fairing, or on your mirror stem?
  2. Some high-end/luxury bikes do have self-cancelling indicators, actually. I'd say they're left off of most bikes due to cost, weight, complexity, manliness...

    Probably wouldn't be hard to DIY a little repeater for the "indicator" LED closer to eyelevel, tho'. :-k
  3. I have often wondered how people can ride or drive for a distance without noticing that the indicator is flashing, surely they must look at the speedo on a regular basis.
  4. maybe his idiot light for his indicator was broken...
  5. Must be a lot of broken ones then.
    Watched a rider last week in the sydney cbd, had the right hand blinker on, then turned left at a intersection , then proceeded to cut across 2 lanes to the left to get into a bus lane, whilst still having the right blinker on.
  6. hmm, maybe his idiot light had migrated into his brain then...
  7. Ah, the joys of Yamaha's self cancelling on my Fizzer.

    All vehicles should have 'em.
  8. dont be so hard on 'em. it's a big ask to press the button upon completion of a turn.
  9. There are some "higher spec" bikes with auto cancel (If you wanna ride something that big).
    I designed a reminder system , counted 30 blinks if the brakes hadn't been used/on then beeped REALLY loud, and could be reset by touching the brake. No-one really wanted them, StarCom1 bought one out too with the same result. It sounds a good idea but most don't want to fork out $ and would rather do what they are supposed to and regularly check the instruments/idoit lights.
  10. What about audible flasher relays that beep when blinking?
  11. Bikes have gone backwards
    My first bike many years ago 1984 Yamaha RZ250 had self canceling.
    My 2006 yamaha FZ6 didn't :shock:
  12. sounds simple enough...

    the light on the GS is below the speedo and tacho, so it's not hard to glance at both gauges and still miss the flasher light. A buzzer would be the simple solution - but it might drive you mad when sitting in traffic with the flasher on for extended periods
  13. Beware the flashing indicator. Usually we remember by the time we are off our "Ps". It means that the rider is not use to checking, which could mean that they don't have a licence at all. :evil:
  14. Postie bikes have them - well in the area I live, they do.
  15. Aren't self cancelling indicators on motorcycle like traction control?

    Just for dim tech heads & those new to motorcycling?

    Thats where engine cutouts on sidestands first came about, & now look at how thing are.....
  16. I for one have always had the habit of randomly pressing the cancel switch whilst riding.. Even if i haven't turned in 80kms and have pressed it about 15 times :LOL:
  17. I have forgotten to cancel about three times since getting my bike on the weekend. No excuses for it I just forgot and didn't notice for about a block
  18. A cheap way to do it would be to put a counter on the blinker, and when it hits a certain number of blinks it cancels the blinker and lets out a small beep.
  19. [​IMG] Here's that audible flasher relay I spoke of. The noise coming from it sounds like a "click click" in the style of car indicators.
    I want to fit something like this, but a little louder, maybe wire up a muffled "meeper" than my Stebel replaced.
    I like audible relays as they remind one to be diligent, both to activate & deactive the turn signal, & to alert pedestrians.

    Rob :grin: