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Flashed by parked car in Victoria

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by dazza139, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Today on my way home I was flashed by a parked car with a camera on the opposite side of the road facing towards me. I was probably doing 70-72 in a 60 km/hr zone.

    I wasn't sure I had been flashed so I went back to check the car in question and sure enough it had a camera in the front facing forward. At this point I thought Bugger!!!

    Then I got to thinking on the rest of my trip home - I don't have a licence plate on the front of the bike! Does this mean they won't be able to get me ior do these cars also take pictures from the rear of the vehicle as well?

    May seem like a dumb question but I from NZ and I can't recall ever seeing this kind of setup there?

    I'm also on my L's - does anyone know what effect this will have on getting my full licence?
  2. Mark it down as a lucky escape!
    Keep it up and you will be booked though.
  3. Lessons on your L's don't always come from the classroom - slow the f*ck down and you won't have a problem. Considering it was wet and all this arvo.... In response to your question - from how you describe it, getting your fulls won't be an issue.

    Ok, off the soapbox now - yeah they do have a few camera cars, and they are in different types of cars and vans - heck I've even seen a Hilux ute with a 'for sale' sign in it, camera firmly mounted on the passenger dashboard parked on the side of a road in Tassie :?
  4. yeah lucky escape!!!!!

    Slow down
  5. Thanks for your replies.

    Yes I do feel a little ashamed of myself. I am not a hoon by nature. The road was dry and it was a great straight patch with no other traffic. Nevertheless I will count myself lucky and be more mindful of my speedometer in the future.

    Thanks Guys
  6. Watchout that you're not too mindfull of the speedo (at the expense of awareness of other traffic)

    Try and build a familiarisation of the sound and feel of different speeds for your bike and this will keep you fairly close to the limit.

    NZ always used to have mobile cameras in parked cars. did they stop in the last 4 years? Mind you, they were easier to spot than here.

    Good luck avoiding Vic speed tax in the future!
  7. ffs guys.....glad to hear you guys don't exceed the speed limit.....and who's to say just because one section of melbourne is wet all of melb is...yep lucky sounds like a lucky escape mate.....has no effect as long as you don't lose more points then you are given on your L's
  8. Tennix mobiles, The mobile speed cameras.

    Nudge bar on the front, two 'fog' lights, and an antenna on the right side of the bonnet. Can spot them from a few hundred meters if you're looking out for them.
  9. i didnt realise that the cars took photos of oncoming traffic as well :shock: i always speed up when i see them front on, on the bike :p but will slow down now when im in the car
  10. heh i would be doing 80kph in a 50 zone and i wouldn't realize it... until i look down to check, i dunno if it's just me, but riding a motorbike feels slower then driving the same speed in a car..
  11. I've seen the same sort of setup in Shepparton, Victoria. The flasher unit connected to a plug just underneath the bullbar. No for sale sign though. :wink:
    Crafty buggers.
  12. In one week spotted 3 of these - 2 in same street, different locations in Upwey & one in Belgrave heights, plus all different vehicles :? Some sorta epidemic!
  13. I think the higher you are from the ground the slower it feels. I know when I went in the truck as a kid it felt slow and when your going 800kph in a plane it don't look that fast