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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. #1 Ktulu, Aug 13, 2008
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    Popular multimedia software for adding animation and interactivity to webpages.

    CAN BE QUITE ENTERTAINING / intarwebs history lesson for some


    Tankmen - 1st in a series - click where it says WATCH THIS MOVIE! - [drop down menu on LHS of page to view others by same animator].

    Lllama Song!

    Madness: Combat - 2nd in series, 1st of the combat series.

    Bitey of Brackenwood - 1st in series. Australian animator named Adam Phillips; he is amazing. They get better and better.

    They're Taking The Hobbits To Isengard

    Xiao Xiao No.3 - fight 3 took the internet by storm!

    Flash Dancer

    The Ultimate Showdown - actually a song by Lemon Demon... some guy just made an animation for it and it got famous.

    7gz1DIIxmEE[/media]]TROGDOR! - originally a flash Strongbad e-mail [it's easier to post the YouTube version].

    Dad's Home

    Animator vs Animation

    Pie - first of many Weebl & Bob toons.

    Charlie The Unicorn

    Pork - it's the meat of kings!

    Weeee - stupid music clip... interlude, surprisingly melodic.

    Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me -by- TISM - competition to design a flash film clip for a new TISM song. This was the winner.

  2. Chris,
    You know about the caps rule.
    You realise i AM close enough to you, right now, to come an whip yo ass.
    if only i could walk straight.
  3. What?!


    That scratching noise at the front door isn't you, is it???

    Geez, Joel, even Freddy Mercury knows it's ok to make a big deal out of FLASH ahh aaaaaaaaaaaaah
  4. Killara, Pacific Hwy.
    i would scratch at your door, but i am too drunk to...well...do much at all.
  5. Killara??

    Hahahah that's ages away.
    I post with impunity!

    ...and beer.
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  8. Sneak up on him in the morning, Joel.
    Drag him out of bed at 6am, and whip his arse, cheeky young puppy that he is.
  9. Whatever... 6am is too early for ANYONE to be doing ANYTHING.
  10. Devo, that's the post of the thread, if not Post of the Month :rofl:.
  11. Ktulu your thread title is sorely misleading. Disappointed
  12. PG rated site, gorgeous.
  13. Fine! I'll just go back to fistforum then..
  14. Is there anything you type that's not p0rn related sarz? :LOL:

    not that I'm complaining mind you
  15. One does what one knows :p

    Well now that you mention it ...on fistforum I talk about my motorbike a lot :LOL:
  16. Is that as good as beastforum???
  17. Beastforum Motto...
    In dogs we thrust.
  18. Nothin's as good as beastforum ...except beasttube, before they canned it