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Flash On The Yarra Bend?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tonee, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Hello!

    I was having some fun with a few mates on the bend the other night and we experienced a couple of flashes on the downhill direction. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about it? I doubt it was speed camera flash because the road isn't straight enough to measure accurate speed reading. There weren't any mobile camera cars parked on the side neither, so I'm thinking it must be some kids in their houses flashing their camera's at us for kicks?

  2. I've had this, I think its the locals trying to dob us in, trying to get photos of your plates probably.
  3. Vicpol told me ages ago that they wouldnt take my photos of a regular cage offender in my street coz i might have a vendetta against that person and be photo shopping the pics.. so if they are taking these people pictures and using them as evidence they should be challenged.
  4. Nothing ever came of it, I think the locals just get fed up of the noise and try to scare people away.
  5. It's been happening on that bend for years. I think it is just somebody trying to scare the riders into thinking they've been done for speeding.
  6. One of the people who's house backs onto Yarra Blvd set it up years ago. It's nothing more than a light bulb flashing. There's no camera so I wouldn't be stressing.

    Take it easy out there though, it's a heavily patrolled road nowadays.
  7. sweet, I guess they prepped the camera as they heard us coming
  8. Another person with too much time on their hands.
  9. Of course a photo wouldnt show proof that you'd been on the horn the entire time you went past ... :sneaky:
  10. yup that flash has been there for years, some disgruntled local put up one of the outdoor bulbs with motion sensor. freaked me out first couple times!
  11. yeah cause that's not gponna be distracting mid corner.....
  12. Where abouts on the bend is this flash???
  13. Pretty much the only part that has houses close to the road.
  14. I'm surprised someone hasn't taken it upon themselves to move it given how long it's been there
  15. ...train horn, motorcycle...group ride?

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  16. That is retarded............
  17. that is freakin awesome!! haha