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Flame Suit

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Nixy V3, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Ever posted something controversial ?
    Then you need a Flame Suitâ„¢

    Ever posted something unsavoury ?
    Then you need a Flame Suitâ„¢

    Ever done a totally stupid action ?
    Then you need a Flame Suitâ„¢

    Dont be caught out again, get a Flame Suitâ„¢ & be ready for the action!
    RRP $### + p&h
    (batteries not included)
  2. Its only meant to be a bit of tongue in cheek fun with no response or input really required.

    A lot of newbies/lurkers come to the site & often arent used to the lingo here, hence if the term is ever brought up in a thread convo & someone does a search to see what it means then here's an answer.

    That is all.
  3. :arrow: [​IMG]
  4. :LOL: LOL that bored this arvo are we? Heather
    Best I can muster up is a reply, to slack to even
    do what I have to do here.
  5. Can you get that in a nice grey pinstripe?.... :grin:
  6. Charmed - Actually the post is over a week old. I was hoping it would have buried itself by now & only rise in a search purpose, but arrrrgggg :LOL:!

    Inci - Hmmmm pinstripes hey, yes would be fetching but racing stripes might be more useful ;)
  7. Well boro_baba certainly needs the flame suit then
    Bloody resurrecting a week old thread.

    Gawd look @ us all, bored to death on a Friday arvo.
    Not a lot of working happening :LOL:
  8. well onya bike then. get ova here!
  9. H How about on with a big target on both the front and back :idea:
  10. Yo 2
    get back in ya box :p
  11. I think Vic should squeeze one of these into every newbie member's goodie bag :grin:

    Nice one, nixon-chic :cool:
  12. Gold! fuzzy :rofl:

    can we now bury it !?
  13. {in best Mr Humphries voice}

    Don'[t worry about the sleeves, sir, they'll ride up with wear!
  14. The thread that wouldn't die. Consider it buried :grin:

    Nobody, I mean nobody, post another reply to this thread :evil:

    That should do it :wink:
  15. Hey Paul, I love "Are you being served" & the characters!
    I must say you almost had his voice down pat ;)

    *grabs shovel & continues to dig hole to bury thread