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Flame/rate this banner for me

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Zbike, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Id tap that Awsome

  2. Yeah good

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  3. Kinda Lame

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  4. Did you crap that out?

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  1. u might rember the rate my awfull logo posts.
    well im getting some near free double sided colour pamphlets printed and need u guys to rate some concepts for me, BTW the top LHS isnt finished yet

    Now i do advertise on NR already so its not just random plugs,

  2. Suggest a change of font........

    The Z looks like a backwards 2,
    the V looks like a U,
    the X looks like a H scribble

    Also suggest the weblink be in another colour ie: red as the pic distracts from the address so you dont see it clearly.

    Spellcheck fiberglass or fibreglass ???

    Other than that, its definately heaps better than your other previous efforts :cool:
  3. should be more obviously a z, not something that can be confused with a 2. obviously if you're intending to call, you would read the business card and have the number, but as first impressions go, the name should hit you and stand out above the other text and/or graphics. for me, that doesn't.

    also the web address should be altered colourwise, (or have a background), so it's easier to read, as shown below.

  4. my thoughts almost...... a backwards 2 would look like a 5.

  5. bite me :p I was trying to do too many things at once - point taken!
  6. Its very plane but apart from that what everyone else said.
  7. +1

    It's a nice font but kinda hard to read...
  8. Good but

    Good colours, great graphics, but yeah it's hard work to read. I kinda gave up trying which is the exact opposite of what you're after. So, maybe just a different font? Other than that, well done
  9. I'd change the font listing your services (good to have some variety), and put a background/outline on the website, as its a bit hard to read.
  10. well mate, everyone's had the same suggestions. don't go too hard making it look good. change the font on the services to a simpler style, and if possible, put a 50% opacity box behind the web address.
  11. Best piece of advice I can give is DO NOT design with a computer.

    Pencil and paper, THEN get on the machine and make the artwork.
  12. the image is too busy with words.
    you need to get your product/service across, or generate interest with not much more than a "glance".

    more comfortable "white space" makes for easier capture of punter.
  13. The font is atrocious!

    I didn't notice the URL at all till it was mentioned.
  14. I didn't know a smash repair place could tidy up my bikini line... "waxing"... lol.

    It's a pamphlet yes?

    I'm guessing these are the cover pages?

    IMHO, the front seems a bit busy.

    Can't give you more constructive thoughts... except the font is hip and cool, but it's not eye friendly. (+1 on the web address)
  15. Maybe reduce the size of the font describing the services and put all down one side and dot-point it? You could even have the font follow the line of the bike on one side.


    ................ - Stuff
    ....................- stuff
    ........................- More stuff
    ........................- lotsa stuff
    ......................- We do stuff good.
    ...................- We do it really good.

    (I hope that makes sense.... :? )
  16. wow that is about 4,000% better than the last ones!

    OH I don't like the font but other wise ace :cool:
  17. Yeah the font is too broad. I struggle to read the phone number and the white of the URL is almost impossible to read.
  18. The services text is competing with the header. The scifi font is fone for the header, however, you should make the rest of the text smaller and in a different font. Try Trebuchet just for kicks.

    Also, to make the URL more visible, try adding a dark outline behind the text. Very subtle, just to make it stand out.
  19. Text is garbage. Get on to dafont.com to find something better and download it. Also, make the text stand out a bit more by adding an outline(stroke in PS) or even some shadow.

    It looks like a business card to me. Point form is always good on a business card.