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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ddmoore, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Howdi.

    Well basically, the past week, i have been away down south of western australia with my girl..

    now im a smart guy and i like 99% of others who ride know full well the potential dangers and the likes.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, while we were on our way back from the trip. we managed to pull up next to a rider at the lights near mandurah (south of WA) and he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and sneakers. now the problem i have isnt that. if he wants to wear that then by all means im not going to stop him, young bloke.. probably out for show maybe?.

    but it was further down the track when we saw him, we drove for about another 15 minutes and then on the road back to perth, he flys past us and nothing short of 170-200k keeping in mind im probably doing 130-ish in my car.

    she shot past us like a rocket. and being a 19yo i was shocked as a pig getting a bath by seeing this. What has some of the younger riders doing this.. i honestly dont know what to say..

    any comments about this sort of this??

  2. Dontcha know man - young people are immortal! By the grace of God* some of us survive long enough to realise how valuable life is...

    *insert deity of your choice here, including Fortuna or physics or sheer dumb luck
  3. Freakin' stuid. Typical, illegal, and full of Immortality Syndrome.
  4. Not that leathers would help much if you hit a tree at 170 k.

    How many airbags does your car have?
  5. Time, karma, luck or whatever you wish to call it will eventually catch up with him...I hope to allah hes only doing 80 when it does...
  6. It always happens to someone else, don't you know??
  7. Dan, i've only got one thing to say.....MANDURAH :shock: that sort of stuff is regular down there. The most dangerous part of the trip down south is through Mandurah. There seems to be a concentration of tools there.
  8. yeah mandurah - full of bush pigs.
    Perth is like that, its not often you will see someone wearing full leathers. Its shorts and thongs!

    Me i just feel so naked without leathers on
  9. Sidchrome or Snap-On??? 'Cause i'm looking for a good set of sockets.
  10. I'm considering riding down to Bunbury in late September... only problem I have with the idea is having some tool decide that I should be riding at 200km and carving me up :roll: I'll probably only do it if I've got a little convoy to ride with as I won't have been alone on my bike for very long at that stage...
  11. Well, they hold all the bits together. :)

    Nice sunny day, not really planning to stack, just going out for quicky, may as well squid ...... its called evolution, its just unfortunate for the folks that have to scrape them up off the road. !!! ;)
  12. I've seen plenty of squids around here, baffling thing is even in winter when the temp's lucky to get to 8 degrees I still see people riding in shorts and a t-shirt. :shock: The stupidity of some people is truly baffling sometimes - I guess they must think it makes them look cool.
  13. Not so much cool as bloody cold... :LOL:

    There used to be a guy in the pre helmet law days of the late 60's who rode around Canberra in work boots, shorts, his unbuttoned denim cutoff colours (he was a "patch club" member) and a cowboy hat.

    You knew it was really cold when he wore an ex-army greatcoat over that - also unbuttoned. I remember him pulling up alongside me at the lights once and I was impressed. I had fur-lined flying boots, several layers of woolen jumpers under a leather jacket, thick woollen scarf and gloves and I was freezing (there was actually light snow falling).

    He had boots, shorts, colours and hat - nothing else, not even a t-shirt... :shock: If you are tough enough to ride like that at sub-zero temperatures then a little tarmac isn't going to hurt you. :LOL: :LOL:

  14. I saw a guy on a Gixxer in jeans, shirt and sneakers in either 1C or 5C. I can't recall which day it was. I'd sat out in the cold waiting for the bus and frozen my butt, but this guy... wow.
  15. That crazy she-he. :LOL:
  16. Maybe it was a relative of chuck norris ?? his tears cure cancer but he's so tough he doesn't cry . :LOL:
  17. :LOL: I got pics that say different :grin:
  18. Well after being up at Coff's Hbr for the past week, im going to rename this place "Squid City" :shock:

    "cook chaser / R1 or scooter " it dont matter lets just all wear shorts THONGS or runners and a T shirt !!

    :LOL: :roll: :? :LOL:
  19. agreed

    Cheers :cool: