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FJR1300 with 130,000 kms?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by StevoSA, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. I'm looking at moving to a sports tourer and the FJR has caught my eye. My budget is limited, therefore, so is my choice. I have come across this one http://tinyurl.com/o8u6c37 on Bikesales which looks great but the kilometers have me concerned.

    Would you buy it?

  2. I can say Yes to your question. I have brought 2 Goldwings with over 120,000 km's. The most important thing with any second hand bike is how it serviced and the condition of the bike.
    I do ride my 1984 Goldwing anywhere in Australia. If you want more info on the ride that I have done on that bike, just ask. In 2 trips to the USA I have gone all the way round.
    Just take a close look at it.
  3. Hi Eric, thanks for your reply. The advertisement certainly looks promising and if he is as fastidious as stated, then servicing should have been regular.

    Are you saying you have taken your bike to the States and ridden all over the said States, twice? If so, you have my admiration.
  4. I would buy it for the right price. But $7k? No
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  5. I have road in the USA from WA to PA in one trip. And from PA to WA on the second trip. In 2015 I will ride WA to CA and back to WA on a Goldwing with 170,000km on it. So yes have a close look at it and if all looks good, I would buy it.
    My mate has a 1993 Goldwing with 330,000 km on it. So always go by the condition of it.
  6. Yes, I need to consider this carefully. Even if the bike checks out it'll have to be a keeper, as I'd struggle to sell it with such high kays. I don't think I'd pay $7k for it either, but I'm not sure how much to offer without offending the guy - obviously after/if it passes inspection.
  7. As a buyer, the last thing you should worry about is offending. If you end up wanting it, offer what you think you might get away with, bearing in kind he won't have people beating down his door to buy it with those km and that price tag.

    Start at the very bottom, you can always offer more if the seller doesn't like it, but you won't be able to offer less once you blurt out an offer. You are right in saying it will need to be a keeper, because no doubt you would have trouble moving it on without giving it away...

    It may be in good condition, but think you can do better for not alot more $$
  8. I've owned a 2005 FJR for the last 6 years, it now has 96,xxx km's on it and it's insured for $13.100 with insure my ride. Had my first off earlier this year (low sided at 60 kp/h) resulting in cosmetic damage and the repair bill just for the bike was over $9k (+ gear). So as others have said check it over well including service history and if it looks good, start haggling.
  9. Yeah, the problem is limited choice in SA. I rode this one the other day http://tinyurl.com/qdlyood and didn't think much of it. It had scratches galore and I'm pretty sure it had the fueling problem I've read about. The screen was U/S, as was the radiator reservoir. Overall, it was just below par.

    There are a few options interstate, but I may as well just right off a thousand bucks to go down that option. It's what I did for my last bike and it was a PITA. In saying that though, it was worth it and I would do it again for the right bike.
  10. Yes, insurance seems good value for these bikes. Swann online quote was $280 premium for $10K which I thought was real good.
  11. I bought the bike through a dealer in Melb for $13k back in 2008 and had Swann Insurance from then till 12 months ago, last renewal Swann sent me valued the bike at $7k, that's when I changed insurers.
  12. Do an online search for any known mechanical issues with the model (like top end stuff), then depending on what you may find, go from there.
  13. I guess this one http://tinyurl.com/mqa9rsw located in NSW could be an option. My dad lives there, so I could register it at his address. I'll have to see if he knows any motorcycle enthusiasts that could check it out for me.
  14. I've read all about these things over the last couple of nights and it seems they are pretty much bulletproof. It seems the only problem is some of the 2006 - 2009 models had a fueling issue.
  15. dude, your on NR... offer a 6 pack, or just ask and someone will help/point you in the right direction.
  16. Ok. Does anyone live near Sylvania Waters that would be willing to check out the FJR for me?
  17. Include "valves" and "valve guides" in a few searches.

    But "pretty much bulletproof" seems to be the general consensus.
  18. I reakon your mad, I wouldn't touch a bike with those klms on it. There has to be a better bike with lower klms on it somewhere. Even going interstate.
  19. As per the OP, "limited budget" won't get him a FJR low km's